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Leadership development is the No. 1 area in which employees today need training, according to a survey of about 200 organizations nationwide by Manchester Inc., a career management-consulting firm. Manchester is a part of Prolianz, the professional services division of Modis Professional Services Inc. (NYSE:MPS).
Other top areas in which employees need training, according to the survey, are in the development of interpersonal skills, communication skills, managing change, and teamwork.
Leadership development is the top training need because organizations are seeking to improve their recruitment and retention of key managers and executives in this tight labor market. Organizations have become more interested in developing employees they already have on board, and providing them with the training they need to take on additional responsibility, such as training in interpersonal skills, communication skills, managing change, and teamwork.
The Top 10 training needs of today's employees are:
  • Leadership development (selected by 65% of respondents)
  • Interpersonal skills training (59%)
  • Communication skills training (53%)
  • Managing change (52%)
  • Teamwork (52%)
  • Management skills training (51%)
  • Problem-solving (45%)
  • Customer service (41%)
  • Retaining employees (40%)
  • Creativity and innovation (36%)
In other findings of the survey:
  • 95% of organizations surveyed said their training budgets either would increase or remain the same in 2000. 51% said their training budgets would increase, and 44% said they would remain the same as in 1999.
  • The features of training programs those organizations most desire are a participatory instruction method (selected by 73% of respondents), followed by advance identification of trainees' needs (71%), and a focus on current business issues (61%).
  • Middle managers receive the highest portion of an organization's training budget, followed by supervisors and customer service staff. Organizations spend the least amount on training senior management, followed by support staff.
For a free copy of the Manchester Inc. Survey of Leadership Training, e-mail a request to All requests must include name, title, address, and phone number.
Manchester Inc. is a career management-consulting firm that specializes in improving organizational effectiveness through the identification, development, and transition of leadership talent. Manchester has expertise in three primary practice areas: career management, leadership development, and executive education and training. Manchester is a part of Prolianz, the professional services division of Modis Professional Services Inc. (NYSE:MPS) of Jacksonville, Florida. Prolianz combines business processes and human intellectual capital to deliver strategic solutions in the accounting and finance, legal, technical and engineering, scientific, career management consulting, and retained executive search areas.

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