4 Methods for Managers to Work with Multi-Generational Employees

4 Methods for Managers to Work with Multi-Generational Employees

June 25, 2021

The generation gap of employees creates many dilemmas for managers. So how can businesses manage well and unlock the potential of multi-generational employees?

4 Methods for Managers to Work with Multi-Generational Employees
4 Methods for Managers to Work with Multi-Generational Employees

Provide a comfortable environment to communicate

Firstly, managers need to accept that employees have many different ways of conveying their messages and desires. Therefore, they have to create a variety of channels, including direct conversation or indirect assessment tools; text messages; email, so employees can be able to express their opinions.

Especially, managers should create opportunities for multi-generational employees to work in teams, which helps them understand how to work and communicate with each other better. Meanwhile, be ready to solve conflict if it arises.

Treat employees fairly, but differently

Generations have diverse needs and desires in their work. For example, gen Z like a flexible and open working environment, while older employees prefer rule & regulations in their workplace.

Similarly, there are those who prefer benefits such as training, long vacations, bonuses. On the other hand, others want to receive recognition and promotion. Therefore, managers should conduct employees surveys to provide appropriate evaluation and reward plan.

Be flexible and improve management style based on employee feedback

Again, different generations have different demands and expectations for their leaders. Businesses can utilize the employees survey result to identify the common factors to create an image of leader that is widely acceptable, as well as suitable to the business’s culture. Besides, the leaders should note the Do & Don’t (should and shouldn’t) when communicating with different group of employees.

Create cultural immersion opportunities

Create cultural immersion opportunities

It is necessary to optimize opportunities for employees to interact with each other by bonding activities (picnic, party). That is the moment for members to understand the culture, life view or behavior of colleagues as well as settle conflicts at work.

Businesses can also ask professional consulting partners for better understanding of their multi-generational employees and develop a sustainable business.

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