7 Hidden "Thoughts" Employees Want their Boss to Understand

7 Hidden "Thoughts" Employees Want their Boss to Understand

June 25, 2021

Leaders does not only need professional competence, but also the ability to engage their team, improve productivity and even direct the business firmly to face challenges in crisis times.

7 Hidden "Thoughts" Employees Want their Boss to Understand
Acknowledge and limit the bias

According to a recent survey by Fierce, nearly all (98%) employees want their bosses ask for their opinion when making big decision, however, 40% said their leaders never or rarely consult with them, making it harder for them to speak up. If the situation persists for a long time, employees are easily bored, feel a lack of listening and no longer have the spirit of commitment and dedication to the company.

Here are 7 hidden insights from employees that may help bosses improve their leadership skills & enhance employee experience:

Acknowledge and limit the bias

Leaders who have unconscious bias are likely to neglect opportunities of potential candidates. Managers can share frankly the reasons behind their decisions, and recognize their subjectivity in assessment to limit bias to a minimum level.

Build win-win relationship with employees

Besides providing learn and growth opportunities, managers should share company’s major direction & plans with employees to build a win-win relationship. This will help show employees the meaning of their contribution and the achievement in return for their effort.

Host a proper meeting

A good meeting is one that the manager leads the discussion to a precise solution. It is necessary that employees can contribute their opinions to make the meeting more multi-dimensional and effective.

Make specific goals

Motivate employees by being transparent about expectations and set specific goals, KPIs and guidance on the employees’ role in each project. Meanwhile, leaders should listen to members to understand their personal ambition.

Don't take email communication lightly

Don’t take email communication lightly

Managers should reply emails clearly, pay attention to cultural differences and do not miss any employees’ email to make the communication process more friendly and effective.

Assessment to grow

According to PwC, 70% of employees under 30 expect to receive feedback about their work. Thus managers should give constructive feedback and avoid subjective comments to assist employees achieve their goals.

Think from the employee’s perspective

A leader who understands employees’ feelings and be transparent at work will help employees feel more comfortable and engaging with the company.

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