About Vietnam Payroll Outsourcing Companies

About Vietnam Payroll Outsourcing Companies

August 19, 2021

Outsourcing payroll services which have appeared since the 1990s, have become popular with large companies and multinational corporations operating in Vietnam. Nowadays, in the current economic development, when businesses need to save as much money and resources as possible in order to focus on core business activities, outsourcing services such as payroll services are ever more being chosen and trusted.

About Vietnam Payroll Outsourcing Companies
About Vietnam payroll outsourcing companies

Select a payroll service provider that fully meets the aforementioned criteria assists to develop an increasingly effective and successful human resource model.

Advice on choosing the perfect payroll outsourcing company

For a suitable payroll services provider, besides considering the actual situation and needs of the business, we need to consider the following criteria:

The costs are clear and specific
A professional payroll service provider has a detailed fee schedule for each service item that they provide. They are especially willing to explain and analyze the price structure in detail so that customers can understand information and choose the best service for their business.

Having a wealth of experience
It is critical to ensure that the payroll specialists are all professionals with solid expertise and extensive knowledge, particularly knowledge of labor laws and related regulations. From there, accurate advice can be given, as well as useful advice to assist businesses in avoiding legal risks 

Highly secure system
Vietnam payroll outsourcing companies have a modern and highly secure data backup system that allows businesses to feel safe when storing sensitive information and data. Most companies use a variety of systems for employee attendance, leave registration, overtime, as well as to store employee information and other data related to payroll. Therefore, it is paramount that your partner’s payroll software must be certified to pass anti-penetration tests, have backup systems, and follow best practices for securing and storing data in the event of a disaster or network security problem.

Integrated and easy-to-use system
Ensure that payroll services providers have a modern, user-friendly end-to-end solution. Since most businesses use multiple systems for timekeeping, absenteeism, overtime, storing employee information and other payroll-related data, a payroll service provider with a comprehensive integrated system will allows the human resources department to access, manage, and retrieve all relevant information about personnel on the same system in a timely and convenient manner.

Select a payroll service provider that fully meets the aforementioned criteria assists

Outsourcing payroll service – future strategy for businesses
Human-centric is becoming an HR trend in the new now. Therefore, in addition to paying salaries accurately and on time, the payroll department should always be willing to assist employees in their needs, providing tax and insurance support, etc. At this time, the payroll outsourcing will become the partners of the internal human resources department, helping solve employee inquiries, thereby enhancing the employee experience and contributing to building the brand in the eyes of employees.

Select a payroll service provider that fully meets the aforementioned criteria in order to receive the most appropriate and quality service, thereby assisting the company in developing an increasingly effective and successful human resource model.

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