The All-In-One Solution For all Your Payroll Concerns

The All-In-One Solution For all Your Payroll Concerns

December 11, 2020

As an experienced and specialized HR services provider, Talentnet offers an integrated payroll solution to help businesses decentralize HR and payroll functions for greater efficiency and cost savings, all under one effective platform.

The all-in-one solution for all your payroll concerns

1. Superior benefits of the integrated payroll solution
  • Talentnet’s integrated payroll solution is developed on a web-based system with many tools to support data synthesis and analysis, providing predefined standard reporting templates including Employee data, Leave & Overtime Management, Timekeeping, Payslip, etc…
  • The solution can offer cumulative financial statements and the latest legal updates, creating favorable conditions for businesses to complete long-term corporate governance plans.
  • Businesses can store, organize data and electronic payroll intelligently, ensuring accurate audits and financial management.
  • Talentnet’s system is also capable of adjusting and optimizing report templates according to each customer’s management needs in different fields.
  • Overall, with Talentnet’s payroll solution integrated with HR and financial management solutions, businesses will have access to an all-inclusive solution for every problem.
2. Why choose Talentnet’s integrated payroll solution?
  • Web-based platform with multimedia interaction (web/ email/ message/ mobile app (iOS, Android); accessible anytime and anywhere; convenient for information exchange, leave & overtime registration and management, etc.
  • An integrated system in the form of “one stop shop”, just one place, one touch to access and process all information related to payroll and labor contracts.
  • Enhanced security features, annual information technology system risk assessment (Penetration Test) to handle security threats.
  • Automatic updates and synchronized changes in data, ensuring absolute accuracy, transparency, and timeliness.
  • Affordable investment costs, payments made upon each use.

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