Basic Knowledge About Manufacturing Workforce Development

Basic Knowledge About Manufacturing Workforce Development

February 15, 2022

Manufacturing workforce development is a win-win situation for both employers and workers. It benefits people’s career growth, productivity, and success, while also assisting businesses in scaling, profiting, and prospering sustainably. However, manufacturing workforce development may be perplexing when implemented without proper understanding. Let's take a glimpse at the definitions, benefits, and common areas of manufacturing workforce development.

Basic Knowledge About Manufacturing Workforce Development

Basic Knowledge About Manufacturing Workforce Development

Why do businesses need to have manufacturing workforce development?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers have been having plans for the future of work. Digitalization, as under the umbrella of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, introduced new data-enabled ways of working, and raised expectations for innovation and productivity gains.

Furthermore, with the introduction of various changes in technology, which includes IoT devices, real-time data monitoring systems, robots…, enable industrial manufacturers to reshape their business for a new era. Flexible work models – including hybrid options – are one of the immediate decisions of manufacturing executives in the new now. As these technology-enabled models of working forge virtual work for the sake of business continuity, it also creates challenges for manufacturers in navigating the post-pandemic future of work, namely talent management.

Basic Knowledge About Manufacturing Workforce Development

The sector is facing an entrenched and expanding skills gap, as well as the increasingly outdated perception gap about modern manufacturing. Leaders recognize that it is more demanding than ever to retain and develop talent, and will separate high – and low – performing organizations in this period and beyond. That is why manufacturers need a proper manufacturing workforce development plan to prepare for the changes in the future and transform your culture, attitude and individual capability to meet with the new demands. Furthermore, this notion also indicates continual education and skills development and is a critical component of building business success.

Advantages of manufacturing workforce development

Advanced manufacturing increase productivity, enhance economic strength, drives innovation, and provides rewarding career opportunities. But manufacturers first need to fill the gap between current worker skills and those required by advanced manufacturing.

It is important that businesses can define the training needed for the employees to gain various benefits include:

●    Accurately define new careers for automation, robotics, AI & data analytics…, to prepare the framework and training for the workforce from now in order to gain competitive advantage.
●    Introducing a transparent learning path, which can attract STEM talent for the future.
●    Enable a more individualized curricula and targeting specific skills for employees through a detailed training program, which usually results in higher engagement.

Basic Knowledge About Manufacturing Workforce Development

Furthermore, this initiative also helps your workforce:

●    Improve skills
●    Stay competitive
●    Advance in their career
●    Have clear checkpoints to validate their knowledge and capability

The most common industries for manufacturing workforce development

Workforce development and continuing education are beneficial across all industries, driving it to greater popularity and even a mandatory element for some specific professions and sectors. But in some other areas, namely information technology, automobile…, where technology evolves at a breakneck pace, it is vital to have ongoing education to keep up with the trends and advances.

Manufacturing workforce development generates positive influences on employees, firms, and communities. By investing in training and upskilling their workforce, businesses may benefit from happier employees, fewer staff turnover, and higher growth potential – not to mention contributing to the overall growth of the economy.

If you are interested in manufacturing workforce development, please contact Talentnet – the leading human resources consulting company in Vietnam. With a team of experienced professionals who have served many large and small companies in various fields, we guarantee to bring tailor-made solutions for your company’s sustainable development.

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