A Brief Guideline towards Societal Leadership

A Brief Guideline towards Societal Leadership

July 9, 2021

Some people associate societal leadership with morals, ethics, and the leader's feeling of duty to society, whilst others believe it is about how well a person can use their social and emotional abilities to lead others.

A Brief Guideline towards Societal Leadership
A brief guideline towards Societal leadership

Being a social leader entails more than simply being aware of the existence of a team; it also entails understanding how to foster trust, care, and respect within the team.

Last year has emphasized what is likely to be an enduring problem for many years to come: the rising frequency of issues that leaders must tackle, which affect the economy, environment, and society all at the same time.

From pandemic to large-scale environmental disasters to uprisings against social injustice, it is apparent that we require issue solvers who can work across silos — we refer to these individuals as societal leaders – or sustainable leaders.

10 guidelines that makes a great Societal Leader

So what makes a great Social Leader? Here are 10 starters guide:

1/ They behave on the basis of modesty and compassion because they know that management is about empowering people to be equal, to prosper, to excel.

2/ They tell convincing stories because they know magnetic stories go fast, whereas formal ones are stuck in the system. 

3/ In their speech and deeds, they are genuine, wherever they look at, because they recognize that authenticity is earned, not realized or purchased.

4/ They also devote themselves to learning, or to support others.

5/ They are fighting not for themselves, but their communities and for what is fair.

6/ They are curating a workplace: It is critical for a Social Leader to understand that their chosen place is entirely under their control: generated in the moment, based on their reputation within their community, and is not bestowed upon them by the official power of the organization.

They help to establish a new social contract and help the organization to exercise power by consensus, not by weight.

7/ They help to establish a new social contract and help the organization to exercise power by consensus, not by weight.

8/ They #WorkOutLoud: They actively share their work with other people in exchange for feedback as well as others can learn from them for their own work. After a period of time the interaction will create genuine connections.

9/ They graciously honor others both formally and socially.

10/ They quantify the changes, since they know that changes will only happen if there is means of measurement.

Societal leadership does not constitute anything gentle or good, but a procedural power addition: it is a key element for the power to be genuinely led by us in the Social Age. In which, the role of leaders is to help facilitate a unified vision and establish realistic steps to providing team members with a clear purpose and means to accomplishing the ultimate common goal. Organization’s productivity and effectiveness in work is optimized when employees are heading toward the same direction.

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