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Comprehensive Masteries - The Appropriate Answer For Recruitment Problem

Recruiting senior staff to match the company's strategy has always been a challenging problem. With comprehensive masteries of the situation, Talentnet's top recruiting team assures to have the most effective and accurate answer to become a reliable bridge between businesses and candidates.

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Đáp Án Cho Bài Toán Tuyển Dụng Nhân Sự Phù Hợp



It is really hard to grasp the highly-competitive and transforming recruitment market without certain knowledge of the general rules. Talentnet’s strength is the extensive mastery of HR expertise and marketing research data which promptly grasps changes in every touchpoint.

At Talentnet, the HR market is continuously updated. Our counselors take accurate information about the developing or struggling fields, top businesses, competitors in the industry... into their hands. Our experienced headhunters always update the recruitment trend in particular fields.


Talentnet’s headhunters are not simply the recipients of recruitment requests, they show remarkable insight into our clients and then provide tailor-made solutions. In particular, Talentnet captures the information from common such as company type, business model, operational area, internal organization (departments, functions of each team, reporting line between positions. ...) to key such as organizational culture, work environment, payroll budget, qualifications, ... then find appropriate candidates in time.

In addition, during the recruiting, Talentnet will effectively convey information about the employer branding and key benefits to attract the best and most relevant candidates. It is obvious that Talentnet will definitely help clients save a lot of time and effort to find appropriate candidates.


Talent pool is one of the strengths that senior Talentnet’s headhunters get. Having a profound attachment to their candidates, each headhunter understands candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, their specific desire to consider for the proper position. Our headhunters also get to know the candidate's circumstance to give matching advice related to remuneration, workplace and corresponding benefit.

The close relationship with employers is one of the advantages of our headhunters as they are always the first to receive information about attractive vacancies.
Talentnet consultants with their expertise knowledge provide candidates with other important information such as career roadmap, additional requirements of the vacancy as well as skills and experience candidates need to move up their career ladder.