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Decrypt ESG in HR strategies after crisis

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Giải mã mối liên kết giữa ESG và sức khỏe bộ máy nhân sự


After Covid-19, considerable evidences can be seen connecting the ESG rating and the health of HR system of a company. According to Fortune's "World's Best Workplace 2019", businesses which was high-ranking on this report would have 14% higher ESG rating than average. Meanwhile, when the sustainability and the value that businesses contribute to the society become the core factor, exercising 3 factors E-S-G in a balance way will be the direction for operation and growth policies.

But businesses need to adapt ESG methodically to ensure no conflict to business culture:

  • Seriously and objectively evaluate company's potential
  • Develop ESG strategy in internal operation process
  • Establish effective measurement reports


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