Demand For Headhunter In Vietnam

Demand For Headhunter In Vietnam

December 1, 2013

As a result of Vietnam’s economic recovery in the first three months of 2015, employment situation is increasingly prosperous.

Demand For Headhunter In Vietnam

As a result of Vietnam’s economic recovery in the first three months of 2015, employment situation is increasingly prosperous. Many recruiters are looking for talents in Vietnam; however, the number of experienced employees cannot meet this demand. That’s the main reason why more and more enterprises need headhunter’s assistance. Many headhunting companies have been established in recent years in Vietnam to solve that problem. The question here is: “where does the demand for headhunters in Vietnam come from?” 

Who are headhunters?

Headhunters are companies or individuals that provide employment recruiting services. They are known as matchmakers in labor market. A head hunter is hired by firms to find talents and to locate individuals who meet specific job requirements. When seeking for a key position, employers may have to wait for months but only receive 1 or 2 applications. That requires them to headhunt outside candidates and a head hunter will support them to find the best one. As the economy is recovering, a number of companies are desperate for choosing excellent senior staffs to run businesses especially at this time of the year, which leads them to hire a head hunter.  That high demand for headhunting in Vietnam comes from not only employers but also job seekers. 

Headhunters and candidates

As a reflection of Vietnam’s socio-economic situation, the need for highly qualified labor in quarter II and quarter III of 2015 is expected to increase. After a long Lunar New Year holiday, labor market records a noticeable transfer of senior staffs between enterprises. In the beginning of quarter II, it is estimated that more than 80% senior staffs observe and search market for the scale, enterprise culture, salary and benefits policy, promotion opportunity to jump to another job.  There are many things for professional head hunting companies in Vietnam to do at this time when the competitiveness between candidates is getting higher and higher. In addition to observing the market and positioning themselves, many senior candidates collaborate with skilled headhunters from highly quality headhunting companies to seek for timely support when approaching the positions that they want. Therefore, both candidate and headhunter in Vietnam need to equip themselves with the best tools to attract employers. 

Headhunters and businesses

For companies, the increase in investment and the expansion of business size promote the employment including replacement recruitment. Recruitment usually takes place before the quarter III and quarter IV of the year when most companies concentrate on business and manufacturing process. To succeed in hiring a talent in a short time, they can take many measures but contacting a head hunter in Vietnam seems to be an unavoidable way.  Businesses may get many benefits from headhunting companies’ support. First of all, employers save their time and cut costs when looking for a candidate. Second, with a broad and diverse pool of candidates, a Vietnam headhunter can recognize who is the best choice after researching job requirements and client’s enterprise culture carefully. Third, when businesses’ brands are not strong enough to attract candidates, headhunters know how to approach and convince them effectively by explaining the advantages, disadvantages and opportunities.

Headhunting market situation in Vietnam

The most important concern of headhunting market in Vietnam is the shortage of qualified labor force even though there are about 300 headhunting companies and thousands people who work in this filed. According to a research on companies considered as “HR Best Practice” in ASEAN, we need 1 head hunter every 100 workers. That means Ho Chi Minh City needs more than 10.000 headhunters to accompany over 1 million workers. However, the supply still doesn’t meet the demand. To become a qualified head hunter in Vietnam, one not only meets strict requirements of language skill, specialty and profession but also faces tough challenges when approaching candidates.  Furthermore, headhunters in Vietnam work under a lot of pressure until they finally find the best candidates. Those difficulties can make a young head hunter quit his/her job after a short time if he/she can’t find a way to overcome.

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