Discover Exclusive Products Of The HR Industry From The Newly Launched Talentnet Community Hub

Discover Exclusive Products Of The HR Industry From The Newly Launched Talentnet Community Hub

October 30, 2021

The HR digital revolution is moving at rapid speed and HR professionals are looking for new, effective, productive ways to meet the ever-evolving demands of doing business—agility, 24/7 global access, speed and accuracy so they have begun to create entirely new work environments that we now call the digital playground revolution for HR.

Discover Exclusive Products Of The HR Industry From The Newly Launched Talentnet Community Hub
talentnet community hub
Discover exclusive products of the HR industry from the newly launched Talentnet Community Hub

The HR digital transformation is the trend of the world

According to Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends report: ‘It’s about HR teams taking up the dual challenge of transforming HR operations on the one hand and transforming the workforce and the way work is done on the other. So, rather than HR digital transformation being just about HR, it’s a metamorphosis that involves organizations. 

As a rule of thumb, any HR transformation, whether it is a digital one or not, must take place with a clear objective in mind. It must make business sense. 
Unilever is radically changing its hiring process. The company is experimenting with – among other things – social media, online games, and AI to further digitalize how they are recruiting. Another example comes from Cisco, the company organizes hackathons to build new HR products – such as the YouBelong@Cisco app and Ask Alex. The former is meant to help new hires and their managers during their onboarding period and the latter is a voice command app that gives quick answers to various HR questions about holiday policy, expenses, etc.
IBM is well-known for its experiments to drive new digital HR solutions. The American technology firm launched – among many other things – a digital learning platform that gives its employees a fully customized experience.

How to get started with HR digital transformation? Explore the exclusive product package for HR that Talentnet offering.

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Talentnet community Hub – a professional digital playground for HR community

What’s new from the launched Talentnet community Hub?

A COMMUNITY/ PLAYGROUND – Be the first & only professional digital playground for HR community. Engage them, expand the network. A community is a place where HR people come together to share common interests and resources. The Community will affect the entire organization – give you the support you can get in order for it to become a success. Know what you want to accomplish—and why. Don’t wait for your organization to define what HR should be. There are lots of examples available and a little research will orient you to the range of the options available. Study everything you can find and network with others to become your own expert. Discuss your ideas with your partners, friends, clients in Talentnet community hub to get their input and buy-in.

Features of Talentnet community hub?
Features of Talentnet community hub? 
Expertise and insights: Get valuable information on the HR field, exclusive reports on career trends, job recruitment and insights from Talentnet 
Community where HR/People Management will connect – engage – grow: A place for people working in the HR field to connect and create a strong community associated with helping each other in career upskills in HR training workshop.
Premium and Expertise highlight for Talentnet hub
Connect to other insightful functions: Eshop, Expert corner & get an exclusive benefit with Talentnet membership

Talentnet Membership:
The TALENTNET HUB MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM is officially commenced with exclusive benefits optimizing your experience once you join the membership: 

  •  Full access to all HR Exclusive content. 
  •  Exclusive preferential tickets for all events by Talentnet
  •  10% discount for HR services at Eshop.

A Talentnet membership provides you with access to news, best practices, resources and HR solutions, Talentnet exclusive merchandise in webinars or events, all at your fingertips.

Talentnet Eshop:
Talentnet services are now available on our Eshop. With a user-friendly interface and quick, simple purchase process, Talentnet Eshop is proud to be the innovative site to bring customers the first online shopping experience in the domain of human resources in Vietnam. 10% discount when you purchase online.

Talentnet Hub is not only a powerful information platform but also a modern playground to help you unlock your potential and drive to succeed. Connect with Talentnet Hub now to discover and experience our spectacular service!
Talentnet Hub – Engaging People – Driving Success!

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