Get Rid Of Worries About Business Visas For Foreign Employees

Get Rid Of Worries About Business Visas For Foreign Employees

April 1, 2021

Business Visa is a prerequisite for foreigners who wish to work in Vietnam. The documents required for Business Visa submission are relatively stringent, and it is crucial for foreigners to meet all the compliance requirements.

Get Rid Of Worries About Business Visas For Foreign Employees
Take out worries about business visas for foreign employees
Take out worries about business visas for foreign employees

Vietnam offers 20 different kinds of Business Visa

Business Visa or Entrepreneur Visa is a type of visa issued by Vietnam to foreigners working with Vietnamese companies with a term of up to 12 months. Currently, Vietnam offers more than 20 visas for different purposes, including working in Vietnam, participating in seminars, or setting up a new company. Business Visa is usually issued in the form of 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. Foreigners whose visas are nearing expiration can apply for visa extension in Vietnam and complete the procedure after 5-7 working days.

To be granted a Business Visa, the foreigner must have an invitation letter to prove that a company or partner in Vietnam is sponsoring him/her. The visa application process consists of many steps; in which the first step is for Vietnamese companies and partners to exchange information about the foreigner’s expected entry to work. After that, from the exchanged information, Vietnamese companies shall carry out the procedures for inviting and sponsoring foreigners to enter Vietnam, prepare and submit a dossier to the Vietnam’s Immigration Department. Upon receiving the dossier, the government officer shall check the legality and contents of the dossier. If the dossier is appropriately completed, the officer shall send an entry approval letter to the company. In case of disapproval, the officer shall write a rejection letter clearly stating the reason. Upon receiving the entry approval letter, the Vietnamese company shall send it to the foreigner to apply for a business visa at an accredited diplomatic mission or international airway border gate.

Business Visa Requirements

To be granted a Business Visa, both foreign workers and sponsoring companies in Vietnam need to strictly comply with the documents required by the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

There are some basic yet fundamental requirements that need taking into account when applying for a business visa:

  1. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months before the travel date and have 2 blank pages to stamp visas from Vietnam.
  2. The foreigner must have an invitation/ sponsorship letter from either a legal company or a business partner in Vietnam.
  3. He/she must already pay the required visa fee. Also, remember that the e-Visa is not eligible to apply for a Business Visa.

It is not difficult to realize how complicated the business visa application procedures are, causing confusion for many Vietnamese businesses. Taking the wrong process will lead to lengthy visa processing times, waste of money, and negative impacts on the job. Therefore, it is advisory for businesses to choose a reputable company with long-standing experience in supporting foreigners working in Vietnam to apply for Business Visas.

In Vietnam, a veteran business in the field of applying for Business Visas is Talentnet. Talentnet consists of a professional team of business visa consultants who will quickly and accurately assess each foreign employee’s records and understand what documents they need to prepare for a business visa. Besides, Talentnet provides the necessary documents, instructions for the complete implementation of the procedures, directly works with the authorities in the application process, and solves any arising problems, thereby saving the business’s effort and time and avoiding any administrative troubles.

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