Headhunters: Who Are They And How To Become The Bright Candidate For The Headhunters

Headhunters: Who Are They And How To Become The Bright Candidate For The Headhunters

June 24, 2020

Talent is the key element in competition between enterprises. For big companies, this is considered a top concern to ensure a steady development between economic fluctuations.

 Headhunters: Who are they and how to become the bright candidate for the headhunters


1.    Who is headhunter? 

Headhunter – or “talent hunter”- is entrusted by companies to find the right candidate based on their request, find the “hidden gems” among thousands of candidates out there to support their business. By using professional skills, a headhunter can search and screen suitable candidates through many recruitment channels, or from the recommendation of industry insiders. Thus, to make yourself standout to headhunter as well as employers, put more efforts into your CV and update your work experience regularly. 

2.    Factors to become a bright candidate:

Many candidates have good profiles but still can’t find suitable jobs, so what is the problem? First of all, you need highlight your experience and outstanding accomplishments. Moreover, you need a resume/ CV that can “show off” your skill set, your achievements, good comments from your former bosses and colleagues is a huge plus. Finally, the most important factor for getting a good job with high salary in this era is to find a “career partner” – the headhunters who will help your resume reach the top employers. 

3.    Three reasons why you should choose Talentnet as a right Career Partner.

  • First, not every headhunter has enough expertise and understands the insights of the market. An apprentice headhunter can recommend jobs for you, but a professional headhunter will not only offer you the right jobs but also give useful advices to help you develop your career path. 
  • Secondly, an experienced headhunter like Talentnet has good understanding about market update. They can give you advises to set the right expectation for compensations & work conditions, avoid missing good opportunities.
  • Third, most of Talentnet’s clients are multinational companies and large corporations in Vietnam. With this advantage, Talentnet has access to many high quality vacancies from big employers in the market. In conclusion, Talentnet HR consulting company should be your first choice as partner in the journey to find a dream job and future promotion opportunities.

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