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How the 4-day working week model are gaining ground?

While it sounds implausible, this 4-day week model are tested by many businesses, and turnout, this model in fact boosts the productivity of the employees and adds more value to the business.

Publication date
Rút thời gian – Tăng hiệu suất


Less time spent - more work done

The theory behind this model is that when workers have less time, they focus more on their works and ultilize the time given, while 3 days off are used to recreate energy for themselves. In fact, 70% of workers said that they can finish their work in just 5 hours provided as long as not being interupted.

Học được gì từ mô hình làm  4 ngày/ tuần


What to learn from this model?

This model is not suited for all businesses because customers' experience can be heavily affected. But businesses in Vietnam can learn from the success of Microsoft Japan and apply the four-day week model but with a little twist:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Less time spending in meeting
  • Discard OT
Mô hình làm việc 4 ngày /tuần