Assessing The Effectiveness Of Recruiting Senior Positions

Assessing The Effectiveness Of Recruiting Senior Positions

April 28, 2022

Currently, employment and recruitment are the top concerns of young people looking for work and employers, primarily recruiting senior personnel. And finding the correct factor is not an easy thing. So, to help executive searching headhunters to troubleshoot this problem, let's find out with Talentnet through the following article.


Recruiting senior personnel is a top priority concern

Recruiting senior personnel is a top priority concern

What does the executive headhunting process needs?

Select the correct range

Each job and position has different requirements, so executive searching headhunters should have clear zoning and candidate filtering strategy. And for the executive headhunting process to go smoothly and in the right direction, HR recruiters should:

  • Inform candidates about the criteria and requirements of the business
  • Commit to properly, thoroughly, and long-term implementation of the company’s policies for employees

Selecting practical recruitment tools and channels

LinkedIn is the most popular and reliable social networking site among current recruitment tools or media. In addition, recruiters can also choose intermediaries that provide headhunter services to recruit senior personnel to find the most suitable candidate.

Show the strength and the future direction of the business

For the executive-level group, the issue of salary and bonus is not the most crucial goal they aim for; what they care about is the opportunity for future development. Therefore, it is advisable to have a flexible and straightforward strategy to attract candidates “to join” the business from the very beginning. Creating a good impression of your business’s strengths is essential to grab their attention.

Take time to chat for a better understanding of candidates’ purpose and orientation, then introduce the strengths and unique benefits that only your business has. As a result, it helps the candidates have a good impression of the company.

Show sincerity and respect

In the executive recruitment process, not only professional issues but also emotions and attitudes play an essential role in the decision of senior HR candidates. They are cautious and need much time to consider. If you can show your sincerity and desire to have them on your team, it will easily touch their emotions.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the attitude in the recruitment process, always showing a warm, cheerful, respectful attitude towards the candidate. That can be considered a big plus in their eyes.

In executive recruitment, expertise and emotions both influence senior HR candidates' decisions

In executive recruitment, expertise and emotions both influence senior HR candidates’ decisions

What incentives can attract senior personnel?


In the process of working, any employees want to get a reward commensurate with their hard work and effort. And the same goes for senior staff; although this is not their primary goal, bonuses help them understand how great the company is for them. So, to attract senior personnel, do not forget to mention bonuses.

Professional development and training courses

Professional training programs or courses will be essential to focus on self-development in the future. Therefore, while recruiting, HR professionals should emphasize these opportunities to enhance the likelihood of candidates “taking the lead” within the organization, in line with effective senior recruitment practices.

Healthcare policies and services

Health is important to anyone. Therefore, good employee healthcare policies will bring satisfaction. This shows that businesses not only care about profits but the physical and mental health of employees as well. So, this is a great plus point in candidates’ eyes, helping them feel secure when joining the company.

Holidays and Paid time off

Senior personnel is also very interested in companies’ Leave policies. Outside of work, employees need time to recover energy and personal life. Therefore, offering an appropriate amount of leave, creating comfort between work and rest, is a plus point in attracting senior personnel.

The process of recruiting senior talent

In general, each headhunting company will have its process for recruiting senior talent but still follow a specific order. Here are some step for effective recruitment along with Talentnet’s fundamental headhunter process:

The process of recruiting senior talent

The process of recruiting senior talent

What are recruitment needs?

Identifying the need is the first but essential step to starting the senior recruitment process. In this step, it is required that the headhunter recruit senior personnel to analyze the nature of the job and the corporate culture, applying effective recruitment practices. From there, benchmark and determine future recruitment plans. That can be considered a guideline for the recruitment process to occur in the right direction.

Looking for candidates

After determining the requirements for the position, Talentnet searches for potential candidates through many means such as internal company data, relationships, network platforms, Reputation societies, or candidate tracking systems. From there, we have a list of potential candidates.


Talentnet Corporation will conduct interviews with candidates in the general list and continue to screen candidates who are most suitable for the position.

Applicant rating

From the selected list, the headhunters at Talentnet conduct assessments and synthesize information on each candidate’s capabilities, experience, or outstanding characteristics.

Presentation & Process Management

The list of candidates is sent to the client for the interview stage. Talentnet is always ready to support what customers want during the interview process. In addition, if desired, the company can check the background of senior candidates to ensure safety and avoid risks as much as possible.

When customers and candidates reach an agreement and want to work together, Talentnet will assist both parties in negotiating salary and contract terms.

Support after the contract ends

Even after the conclusion of the senior recruitment contract, Talentnet maintains communication with candidates and clients to ensure ongoing satisfaction and success within the context of effective senior recruitment.

Potential career growth sustains senior staff motivation and engagement

Potential career growth sustains senior staff motivation and engagement

How to keep senior staff motivated and engaged?

Recognition of achievements

Results are what an employee in general or a senior employee strives to achieve. Therefore, leaders must always show their recognition and satisfaction in many forms. Pep talks or a simple thank you can help motivate staff and boost enthusiasm at work.

Create a comfortable and open working environment

A stifling and suffocating environment hampers productivity. Instead of rigid rules, fostering an open and comfortable atmosphere can significantly boost productivity, which is an integral aspect of effective senior recruitment.

Listen and give advice

Not only ordinary employees but also senior employees will sometimes have difficulties in their work. A leader who listens is what any employee desires. Listen to their reasons and their problems, and solve them together. That creates efficiency at work and increases cohesion and trust between employees and leaders.

A clear career development path

With senior employees, they will never want to stay in the starting position. Instead, keep in mind that the possibility of further developing their career will keep senior staff motivated and engaged.

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