How Remote Managers Can Use Alt Performance to Give Better Feedback

How Remote Managers Can Use Alt Performance to Give Better Feedback

June 28, 2021

If you think people management is hard, wait till you try doing it remotely. With the end of Covid19 no end in sight, companies are still straddling between working from home or coming into the office on staggered days.

How Remote Managers Can Use Alt Performance to Give Better Feedback
How Remote Managers Can Use Alt Performance

Either way, you are not getting a lot of face time as before. And they may make it tough to get your reading on the pulse of the room. Despite what is on the chat, you cannot tell if your team members can give their all or struggle to complete their given tasks?

Distance should not be a roadblock to becoming the best manager that one can be. Here are some ways that Alt Performance can help you become one regardless of where you are.

1. Set up the right goals

Don’t fly blind.

By having clear goals that are agreed by all stakeholders, it would eliminate any misalignments.

And no goals are useful if they are not easily quantified.

With Alt Performance, your team members can create Outcomes that are based on Efforts or Outcomes.

Each can be measured against an upper or lower limit

Beyond that, you can opt to receive regular reminders to check-in on your goals so the team manager can simply go into Team Goals to see where everyone is at.

2. Ask for updates

Your team member might have completed the tasks but was it done efficiently or was it completed after pulling out lots of hair?

As much as the measurement of the outcome makes sense especially in a remote work environment, it is crucial to check in regularly to get a deeper sense of the issues and matters that arose.

Since it is not possible to bring up such casual checks over watercooler or team lunches, team managers can use Alt Performance’s conversations feature to learn about recent accomplishments, upcoming projects, and anything they might be “stuck” on.

Such check-ins should be a weekly ritual.

Fridays are a great time for reflection, so have them make a habit of jotting down what they accomplished throughout the week as well as what they need help on from you or the team.

It also helps each individual to do self-reflection to identify what worked and what didn’t.

Such information gives you a sense of whether priorities need to shift or if a member of the team needs support.

Importantly it gives you clarity come Monday morning.

Give kudos often

3. Give kudos often

Without face time, it’s easy to miss out the importance of giving feedback and recognition.

Just because you and your team members are not in the same room do not necessarily mean you have to be distanced emotionally.

Your team will want to know how they’re doing and will appreciate any recognition you can send their way.

That’s especially appreciated during times of uncertainty.

Use Alt Performance’s continuous feedback tools to show you’re invested in their growth and want to hear from them, even when you’re working remotely.

Remember to be specific when you are giving feedback.

Ensure it is based on observations and not generalities.

Observations such as how they support other team members or how they go the extra mile in their course of duty.

Perhaps a compliment came along?

Bring it up. Alt Performance’s Zippi integration allows you to give much-needed public praise, even though most or all of you aren’t in the office.

And if your employee doesn’t love the public attention, giving private recognition is also made easier through Alt Performance’s feedback tool.

Source: PeopleStrong

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