HR Consultant Responsibilities

HR Consultant Responsibilities

September 22, 2015

Outsourcing certain HR functions is becoming a trendy option of many organizations due to time-consuming, payroll and operating cost reduction.

HR Consultant Responsibilities

Outsourcing certain HR functions is becoming a trendy option of many organizations due to time-consuming, payroll and operating cost reduction. With HR consultant’s help, your company can also use resources for other purposes that bring better business outcomes. To meet a wide variety of clients’ needs, HR consultants offer many types of HR solutions. So, how many of those services can you name?

About HR consultant

HR consultants are those who help their customers manage personnel issues within the companies. HR consultant can work as generalists or specialists. While a generalist supervises such areas as employment, payroll administration, benefits and compensation planning, a specialist oversees one or more of these areas in great detail.

HR consultant responsibilities


Some HR consultants offer recruitment solutions which aims to hire the best candidates. HR consultants have many specific skills to approach talents such as using private databases and social media sites (LinkedIn, for example), evaluating potential internal candidates and posting positions on job boards. These HR consultants support customers from the beginning to the end of recruitment process, which includes many steps: making public the job positions, pre-employment screening and conducting background checks, carrying out interviews, proposing compensation packages and making the offer. 

Training and development

After recruitment, HR consultants can continue helping companies with training and developing new workers if needed. Training may involve on-site, job-specific skill and development may relate to many areas such as communications, time management, customer service, computer knowledge, and leadership skills. Training and development can be provided through seminars and workshops. 

Compensation and benefits

Some HR consultants specialize on compensation and benefits programs which help clients develop HR functions and companies’ overall profitability. Compensation and benefits are sometimes known as total rewards, including base pay, benefits, incentives, work-life balance and personal growth. Benefit of using HR consultant in this area is maximizing personnel budgets by determining if employment is needed or not and what functions should be outsourced. Furthermore, HR consultants can also provide payroll services which require them to work with benefits providers and client finance department.

Health and safety

Health and safety is another area of HR specialization. HR consultants give advice on such areas as health, safety, security and wellness so as to maintain the most productive workforce. These consultants’ role includes ensuring companies meet health and safety regulations, providing and applying sensible risk management and so on. 

Legal compliance

There are also HR consultants who help clients keep abreast of legal changes and give them practical advice on employment law. Companies will be counseled on policies and procedures that they must follow so as not to get penalties. 

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