#HRmust-know: A Brief Guide to Leadership Development Programs

#HRmust-know: A Brief Guide to Leadership Development Programs

September 28, 2021

Many high-performing employees are promoted to leadership positions just to fail.  It is because the skills you need to lead differ greatly from those that you could utilize as an individual contributor. A comprehensive leadership development program can bridge this gap in competencies.

#HRmust-know: A Brief Guide to Leadership Development Programs
#HRmust-know - A brief guide to leadership development programs

It is critical to create and implement an effective leadership development program for your company. Members of an organization, especially in the current context, want strong leaders to turn for direction and support. A strong leadership development program not only improves present leadership competency but also allows your staff to acquire the talents they’ll need to move up in your company.

What is Leadership Development?   
Leadership Development refers to efforts that strengthen leaders’ capabilities, competencies and confidence. Programs differ considerably in their difficulty, cost and instructional style. Two development forms that are utilized to guide and grow leaders are coaching and mentoring. 

The quality of the program, the amount of support from the superiors, and the learning style of the individual being developed all play a role in the effectiveness of leadership development according to Baldwin and Ford (1988).  

Some commentators distinguish between leadership development and leader development. The former refers to development programs that focus on collective leadership in an organization and the latter refers to individual growth.

Why it is necessary for organizations to develop a leadership development program?

Why it is necessary for organizations to develop a leadership development program? 
Training not only benefits your executives but may also assist your company to succeed. Leadership development may help you achieve many of your company objectives and handle common difficulties, including: 

  1. Company objectives are progressing slowly
  2. The current strategy’s performance objectives are not being fulfilled 
  3. Your managers doubt about current leaders’ ability to achieve the desired results 
  4. There are difficulties in attracting and retaining leaders with critical qualities and traits, such as: 
  • Inadequate talent pool for leadership succession 
  • Challenges in sustaining productivity and morality in difficult economic times 
  • Constant loss of key staff 

Once you develop a leadership development program, the advantages of the program can continue for years. By working together via training, your critical staff may build deeper connections and enhance their skills. Following training, these talents can contribute to a coherent goal for leadership, ensuring success of the firm. 

What crucial factors must be considered when developing a leadership development program?

What crucial factors must be considered when developing a leadership development program?

A framework for leadership skills 
A leadership development program contains the skills needed to succeed in any management position within the company. It specifies the talents and abilities required for the company’s administration. 

The skills framework may be adapted and continually updated to the particular demands of different leadership roles. It should be made up of skills that will help you build a leadership team for the future. 

Determine high potentials 
The organization should frequently assess and discover employees with competent learning agility and high leadership potentials. Employees with leadership potential should be informed early of the available opportunities so that they can develop career plans that are aligned with the company’s leadership plan.  

Effective leadership programs fill in the gaps for leadership needs and enhance the company’s preparedness for the future. As the Vietnam leading HR consulting firm, we value your business. Contact Talentnet today to find out how we can assist your company in developing outstanding leaders. Whether you are teaching new skills to your employees or helping them refine current abilities, our courteous, experienced consultants are eager to get to work and support you with leadership development requirements.

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