#HRmust-know: The Definitive Guide to Talent Mapping

#HRmust-know: The Definitive Guide to Talent Mapping

October 21, 2021

Talent mapping might lead to stronger retention, better satisfaction, and enhanced performance for employees overall. Although this activity takes time, it is worth doing in order to optimize talent for better results and profitability. Here's a four-step method needed for talent mapping.

#HRmust-know: The Definitive Guide to Talent Mapping
#HRmust-know - The Definitive Guide to Talent Mapping

Step 1: Establish groundwork for competencies
Organizations need to understand the talents that employees need to have in order to achieve their organization’s strategic objectives (knowledge, capabilities, skills, and other qualities). Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Human Resource Management (HRM), or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) research can be used as a starting point for employers to identify the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics required to achieve strategic goals. 

You could compare your firm with your competitors to discover a pool of features in which you may locate employees who meet your company’s needs. Another objective of this activity is to examine the growth, goals for the future of your competence strategically and to highlight the functions, departments, or abilities that you lack.

Step 2: Describe skills for objective assessments
This is where talents come into play: describe the jobs by defining important hard and soft skills. This is an essential step to authenticate your ‘proper people’ profiles. To make sure that you are capable of assessing these skills, you should conduct market research on every possible tool. Some of the tips you can utilize to know the current workforce better include:

Social Footprint
Assess a person’s many social media profiles. What are the individual postings, what organizations do they belong to, what meetings, conferences or exhibits are they visiting? Do a proper mapping of these. With this information, you can discover the right match. As said, it is quite useful to analyze those social media usages, don’t forget to do this homework!

Notice their interests of a person

Notice their interests of a person
Who prefers spending spare hours with him/her? What are the individual’s contributions? It is always crucial to know the interests, contributions, and activities of a person – which is often a source of understanding.

Step 3: Analyze jobs & develop job descriptions
Talent mapping demands a great deal of labor behind the scenes, so you shouldn’t let your work become wasted. When you don’t understand a decision process, you develop your own assumptions—not necessarily the proper ones. So, after the skills are established, firms should examine and adjust job descriptions to integrate the required skills. It is important to break work duties into skill categories and determine which skills should be added or removed from each job description. Also, job descriptions should be thoroughly reviewed to determine the degrees of competence needed for each position. 

Step 4: Finding gaps
Organizations compare the degree of skill and competence of work and self-assessment of workers to identify gaps. There might be gaps from juniors or newbies who are required to gain professional growth within a field of competence. If that’s the case, employees at advanced or expert levels may act as mentors in the field of competence. There might also be gaps arising from market trends or global issues. In those cases, usually, almost everyone within an organization should go through upskilling and reskilling. The process of identifying gaps could aid in grasping what is going on in the market these days and offer many opportunities to administer the expectations of the management.

Step 4: Finding gaps

At Talentnet, talent mapping is important not only for aligning our talent strategy with our business plan but also for updating our personnel pools in order to offer the best services to consumers. Contact Talentnet now to learn more about creating your international talent management strategy and attracting the finest candidates. Our executive search and talent mapping efforts make it simpler for you to gather 
crucial information and hire high-quality employees. Contact us to see how we can save you time, money, and resources by providing highly skilled workers that are eager to accomplish your job.

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