#HRmust-know: A Leaders' Guide To Employee Experience

#HRmust-know: A Leaders' Guide To Employee Experience

January 5, 2022

With the rise in remote working, over 80% of employees say that this method is seriously affecting their daily work-life balance, according to McKinsey recent statistic. This pointed out employees’ needs are evolving over time, demanding a more complex approach from businesses to enhance employee experience. Thus, it is important to consider some key elements that contribute to a positive employee experience.

#HRmust-know: A Leaders' Guide To Employee Experience

#HRmust-know: A Leaders' Guide To Employee Experience

How should we define employee experience? 

There are numerous perspectives on employees’ work experiences in terms of their interactions with the organization. Thus, nobody can succinctly define employee experience. However, it is mutually agreed that employee experience contributes to positive and progressive business performance. This correlation indicates that leaders should recognize the importance of fostering a pleasant employee experience and focus on creating a positive impact every day in the workplace.

Obviously, enhancing employee experience will not be easy. Here are some suggestions from Jostle, a company specializing in employee intranet, about how to do that:

1. Create mutual acknowledgement 

A culture where managers and staff continually recognize each other in a frequent and meaningful way provides a more purposeful sense that can have a good influence on employee experience. Creating mutual acknowledgement not only makes employees feel themselves being valued but it can also impact the way employees perceive the company and their roles within it.

2. Generate workplace freedom

In order to have a positive work experience, psychological safety must be maintained at all times. It is an expression of the freedom to be present at work, to speak up at a meeting, to share one’s viewpoint, and most of all, to be vulnerable without fear of being ridiculed or embarrassed by coworkers. They should feel certain that no one in the team would humiliate or condemn anybody for admitting a mistake and asking a question within the workplace.

3. Build a reward system 

According to LinkedIn, 69% of employees responded that if they feel that they are more recognized and valued, that they will work harder. The psychological impulse to validate and support is inherent in most people. People want to know that they are appreciated for their efforts. Therefore consider developing a formal system to compensate people for hard work and remarkable achievements if you don’t have one in place.

#HRmust-know: A Leaders' Guide To Employee Experience

4. Prioritize the staff

The greater the focus of a company’s efforts on the employees, the greater the experience of each employee. As a leader, you must take an active role in creating a workplace that is centered on people. What is the point of having them? What exactly piques their interest? What is the most important thing to them? By addressing their needs and, more importantly, showing concern for them, you are not only generating a great experience but also increasing their dedication and providing them with a shared purpose.

5. Present a positive work-life balance

A more balanced schedule that takes into account everything else we do in our busy days and outside of our regular job is the key to a more satisfied and less stressed workforce. Employee experiences are influenced not only by work experience but also by the extent to which they’re impacted on the job outside of the office.

#HRmust-know: A Leaders' Guide To Employee Experience

In conclusion, employee experience is as essential as any purposeful cultural measures performed by management to strengthen the company’s legacy. Thus, you should understand your employees and enhance their experience in order to retain them for a longer period of time.

Be one of the excellent leaders by letting Talentnet – the leading human resource consulting company in Vietnam – accompany you. With many years of experience in improving employee experience in different businesses, we are confident to design a plan that is a perfect fit for your company, contributing to your business’ growth in the future.

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