#HRmust-know: Top 3 In-Demand New Skills For Hospitality Companies

#HRmust-know: Top 3 In-Demand New Skills For Hospitality Companies

February 10, 2022

Following a difficult year for businesses and employees, the hospitality sector is on the verge of a rebound. Until international borders are totally reopened, staycations and domestic tourism are on their way to becoming the new mainstream. For hospitality professionals looking to re-enter the workforce, hospitality skills that are in demand during the new normal are a top concern right now. This article thus provides you with the top 3 skills for hospitality companies during this challenging time.

#HRmust-know: Top 3 In-Demand New Skills For Hospitality Companies

#HRmust-know: Top 3 In-Demand New Skills For Hospitality Companies

Assessment and Management of Risks

Whether customers stay in a hotel room for working or relaxing, the objective of hotel management is to provide a pleasant and seamless experience that will persuade them to return for another stay, and ideally, to publish great reviews on social network sites. Therefore, Reciprocity shares the following key risk areas that can affect customer experience and hoteliers must aware these to enhance their risk management.

  • Safety

Hotel businesses are very busy environments, operating 24 hours a day. This can cause many incidents that affect the safety of both customers and employees, especially during peak seasons. For example, when carrying luggage, employees often run the risk of tripping, falling, or injuring themselves. Such accidents can lead to expensive healthcare costs, workers’ compensation claims, or complaints (and even lawsuits) from travelers who suffered damage regarding mentality or property.

  • Cybersecurity

The hospitality sector is accumulating more and more customer data, such as tracking visitors’ purchasing habits and preferences in order to provide more tailored service. However, customer profiles are intended to facilitate rebooking, and they frequently contain a wealth of sensitive information, including credit card numbers, email addresses, and personal preferences. Guests contribute this sensitive data with the expectation that hotel owners and management would keep it secure, and this is a significant risk area that the hospitality sector must handle.

  • Privacy

Security of credit card and payment data is critical but the hotel business as a whole does not have a set of privacy regulations to safeguard any data obtained. Instead, hotels can follow the compliance requirements governed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

#HRmust-know: Top 3 In-Demand New Skills For Hospitality Companies

Data collection and analysis skills

Businesses must strengthen their data collection and analysis skills to get a 360-degree view of the customer experience. With this information in hand, you may easily identify areas where you can give a more personalized, engaging service. Not to mention, data and analytical abilities are critical for the seamless operation of numerous departments inside hospitality organizations – from finance, marketing, and sales to human resources – all of which benefit from data.

With the development of information technology, customers now can customize their room settings without having to contact hotel staff. The advantage of implementing this type of technology is that you’re not only providing a safer, more frictionless experience, but you’re also gathering data on what visitors desire. By analyzing these data, you’ll be more equipped to address your guests’ demands and promote business operations.

Pricing Analysis and Formulation

Pricing is undoubtedly vital in any consumer business, especially in highly competitive industries like hotels and travel. When it comes to hotels, the pressure is on your room rates to be more affordable than your competitors’ to reach more customers. Moreover, providing guests with value for their money while maintaining consistent profits and avoiding being overtaken by competitors is a difficult task that needs constant attention.

To build an optimal pricing model, businesses need to be able to acquire real-time data, keep up with industry trends, and develop their own unique business trends. Mastering these skills allow hospitality professionals to respond effectively to the price dynamics of competitors and offer the customers a reasonable price.


MHA Moore and Smalley reports emphasize the importance of effective communication in the hospitality industry. It is essential to communicate and interact clearly with customers and other employees.

#HRmust-know: Top 3 In-Demand New Skills For Hospitality Companies

We cannot underestimate the necessity of well-executed verbal and non-verbal communication skills in the hospitality sector in this age of internet communication. Whether meeting in person in the hotel lobby, via email, or by phone with guests, excellent communication skills may significantly improve a guest’s experience by demonstrating that you are really listening to them, appreciating their comments, and communicating clearly. As a result, client loyalty is improved and business operation is increased, thereby driving your hotel to success. Moreover, listen intently to your staff as they are the ones who deal with guests on a daily basis. When businesses truly listen, we will be able to comprehend what is happening and respond thoughtfully.

To develop new hospitality skills for your business in the most efficient manner, contact Talentnet, Vietnam’s best human resources consulting firm. Seasoned experts who have dealt with a wide range of instances for small and large companies will devise a solution specifically for your organization, enhance your competitive advantages in the hospitality market.

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