#HRmust-know: What To Anticipate From A Talent Acquisition Expert?

#HRmust-know: What To Anticipate From A Talent Acquisition Expert?

November 12, 2021

Talent acquisition is a comprehensive plan of recruiting, locating and acquiring the best talents, as well as fostering current employees, which is frequently a function of the human resources department. In today's competitive labor market, talent acquisition can aid in business strategies. So, now is the time to read this article to learn more about talent acquisition experts in the professional HR consulting business. 

A talent acquisition specialist excels in identifying top talents across diverse fields

A talent acquisition specialist excels in identifying top talents across diverse fields

What is talent acquisition?

Talent acquisition is the integrated process of employer branding, recruiting marketing, and recruitment which incorporates the applicant connection management and talent development plan in the long run.

Nowadays, a successful talent acquisition strategy is currently required for:

  • Finding applicants who can offer a strong cultural fit
  • Identifying/creating new positions when a potential candidate is on the market
  • Evaluating passive applicants for possible organizational positions
  • Promoting a corporation as a “preferred employer” for young professionals to create a talent pipeline without interruption

What does a talent acquisition specialist do?

Firstly, what’s talent acquisition specialist? A talent-acquisition expert is an HR professional who specializes in acquisition, identification and recruiting specific individuals for specific fields in competing labour markets, such as technology, healthcare and finance.

So, how to become talent acquisition specialist? One thing to note is that talent acquisition specialists typically require a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management and at least five years of previous HR experience.

Here are some typical responsibilities of a talent acquisition specialist:

  • Form a talented and diverse team of staff
  • Advance annual and quarterly recruitment requirements for each department
  • Place emphasis on recruiting and HR personnel needs
  • Create job descriptions and interview questions for each job posting
  • Decide on criteria for open positions
  • Evaluate candidates’ CVs and applications
  • Deliver management comments on submitted resumes and applications
  • Establish relationships with future and former applicants
  • Ensure new recruits complete their paperwork quickly and smoothly

A talent-acquisition specialist is required to be present in the whole recruitment life cycle, including applications from Microsoft Office, resume bases, professional networks, and social media platforms.

Responsibilities of a talent acquisition specialist include advancing job requirements, creating JDs, evaluating CVs

Responsibilities of a talent acquisition specialist include advancing job requirements, creating JDs, evaluating CVs

The benefits that talent acquisition experts can deliver

Working with the right talent acquisition experts, businesses may recruit the most accordant and competent workers on the market, which will help to enhance the business performance and outcomes.  According to Skeeled, there are 3 main benefits that talent acquisition experts can bring to the table:

  • Acquire the Right Talent

The aim of the efficient talent acquisition approach is to find the best candidate, not to fill vacant positions quickly. As a result, all aspects, from individuals’ abilities to future growth to cultural fit, are scrutinized to ensure the best candidate is recruited, which not only boosts the hiring quality but also modifies the turnover rate.

  • Maintain a Competitive Advantage

The greatest asset of an organization is its staff, as human factors may avail your business’ performance. To effectively advance your market edge, it’s critical to recruit the right talents with essential skills and bgoals. In contrast, poor recruitment might generate increased risk and hamper your company’s competitiveness due to unproductive and uninspired personnel.

  • Save Money and Time

The high expense of replacing an employee is one of the main reasons to utilize talent acquisition. That is to say, investing in successful talent acquisition may save you both time and money over the long term. Conventional recruitment systems require a variety of minor and major tasks such as job posting, CV screening, candidate assessment, and interviewing, all of which necessitate the recruiters to invest a considerable amount of financial commitment and devote a significant amount of time and effort. However, the expenses of recruitment are considerably lowered if these efforts are made to find the proper personnel and hire workers for the long term.

There are many benefits of utilizing talent acquisition expert

There are many benefits of utilizing talent acquisition expert

Although it may appear difficult to fill important positions in your business, a well-planned talent acquisition strategy helps to guarantee that the people you select have the skills and motivation to become high-performing employees and potential leaders. Talentnet, Vietnam’s premier human resources consulting firm, can assist your organization in addressing a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy through tailor-made workforce solutions. Please contact us for additional information and to see how we can help you save time and money.

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