#HRmust-know: Why Is Employee Experience Crucial For Business Performance?

#HRmust-know: Why Is Employee Experience Crucial For Business Performance?

November 26, 2021

Employee experience refers to a worker's perspective on their journey through all points of contact in an organization, from a job application to business departure. The physical workplace, and intangible assets as culture or technology all contribute significantly to the employee experience. Positive employee experience can benefit all areas of business from your recruitment efforts to your bottom line.

#HRmust-know: Why Is Employee Experience Crucial For Business Performance?

#Hrmust-Know: Why Is Employee Experience Crucial For Business Performance?

1.    Foster employee engagement

According to Culture Amp – a market-leading employee experience platform, employee engagement is the measure of employee-organization relations. Most firms monitor and try to enhance their employees’ engagement since it is very much linked to turnover and the efforts of their employees. This is one of many possible values of good employee experience, which directly informs whether individuals are willing to invest (their time, efforts, and intelligence) in business operations. 

2.    Boost recruitment success 

Culture Amp also observed that currently, the increase in the number of business review websites illustrates the growing need for information about how a firm operates. That is why it is critical to have consistently high levels of employee experience. As a large number of job seekers are searching for information about a company on job search websites, unfavourable assessment can lead to many disadvantages for employer branding. For example, the organization’s prospective talents may be turned away as a result of the unfriendly evaluations.

3.    Promote employees’ communication

Having a great employee experience, workers don’t hesitate to ask for assistance, to offer direction, or to co-operate – particularly in a supportive setting. An organization that employs the communication policies and practices in more depth and relevance to workers has better gains. As stated by a McKinsey study, employees who feel engaged in more detailed communication are roughly five times more likely to report greater productivity than those who do not feel included. For this reason, leaders should consider intensifying the frequency of updates — both explain what has already been determined and what is still up in the air — in order to generate better employee experience results.

#Hrmust-Know: Why Is Employee Experience Crucial For Business Performance?

4.    Encourage creativity

Clear and innovative thinking leads to advantages for firms and people alike. It is important to establish a corporate culture that is focused on employee experience to guarantee that everyone in the organization feels comfortable and inspired to express ideas, think far and wide and dare to challenge the impossibilities. Generally, this creativity generates innovation that results in growth and the capacity increase of your company at little or no extra expense.

5.    Support mental health

Although employers have responded with initiatives like mental health days or weeks, four-day workweeks, and enhanced counselling benefits or apps, those are not enough. A sustainable and mentally healthy workplace is a must for an excellent employee experience. Workers who felt supported with their mental health overall were less likely to underperform and miss work, and more likely to have higher job satisfaction and intentions to stay at the company. 

#Hrmust-Know: Why Is Employee Experience Crucial For Business Performance?

6.    Retain talents

According to Culture Amp’s research, around 10% of employees leave their new work within six months. Thus, it is extremely important to build a good employee experience. Businesses can start from implementing a seamless onboarding process with a proper introduction into an organization which can make a huge difference in employee’s desire to stay. Furthermore, a great employee experience may lead to more positive views on the company and make employee trust their company and be proud to work there.

In conclusion, one of the most potent investments your firm should make is a good employee experience since it is increasingly essential. Taking time to rethink your plan to enhance your employee experience will help you stay a step forward. Many firms, especially when it comes to recruiting and retention, have a competitive advantage over their competitors, all thanks to competent employee experience. With an uncertain work future ahead of us, one thing is clear: departments with employee performance are here to stay.

Be one of the leaders by letting Talentnet – the leading human resource consulting company in Vietnam – accompany you. With many years of experience in improving employee experience in different businesses, we are confident to design a plan that is a perfect fit for your company.

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