Human Resources Management in the "New Normal" - When Technology Connects People

Human Resources Management in the "New Normal" - When Technology Connects People

September 9, 2021

Undeniably, when people are forced to separate during a dangerous epidemic, it is technology that brings us closer together.

Human Resources Management in the "New Normal" - When Technology Connects People
Does technology still alienate people?

Does technology still alienate people?
In an article published in The New York Times, Kevin Roose said that he easily knew all of his friends and colleagues’ statuses since everyone is “online”. The video calls gradually became smoother as the colleagues around him began to learn how to use Zoom. He also actively balanced time for work and rest, and thus secured a work-life balance.
“While the ways we’re substituting for in-person interaction aren’t perfect, we are still seeing an explosion of creativity as people try to use technology as a bridge across physical distance.”, commented Kevin Roose.
Thanks to the digital transformation, business are enabled to operate more smoothly, and more cohesively. A recent survey by Korn Ferry found out that 64% of workers feel more productive at home using technology connections. The trend of utilizing technology when working from home also helps many companies save on office, electricity and printing materials cost.
Technology not only is a tool to support people, but also has become an indispensable part of workers’ lives when all activities come to be digitalized. It plays an indispensable role for the operating system, ensuring the cohesion between employees, and employee-leader connections in the enterprise.

How to effectively apply human resources management in the era of Work from home?
Digitalization in the workplace is happening faster than ever. According to HR consulting firm Talentnet, in the era when employees can not come to the office, leaders and HR staff need to be more flexible, skillful, and cleverly take advantage of technology to connect employees. Businesses can consider to some of the following principles to achieve the best management efficiency:

Connect employees to technology

Unify working method and set clear goals: When employees and managers share common working method, they will be able to minimize the inadequacies and arising problems in the process of remote working. In addition, leaders can empower a more objective process of evaluation, criticism and commendation by building a clear, scientific and reasonable goals.
Let employees involve: Encouraging employees to regularly share their thoughts and feelings about work will give them a sense of ownership, which becomes a driving force to employees’ sense of responsibility, proactiveness and commitment to the company. This will also help to “glue” employees and the company, and protect them from feeling tired and lonely when working from home.
Connect employees to technology: By helping employees improve their computer skills, or investing in technologies that simplify and better facilitate work, businesses can encourage employees to enjoy the benefits of technology. Numerous businesses are also using learning applications as a method for reskilling. A specific example is the English speaking application ELSA Speak with its proprietary AI technology to pinpoint mistakes in each syllable, give instant feedback & instructions on how to correct, helping learners improve their English pronunciation and communication skills. “ELSA for Organizations” is an exclusive English training program currently suitable for all corporations thanks to its online operation, helping companies save cost on logistics and human resources. The system also allows access for companies to track all their employees’ progress, and each employee will have a personalized learning path after they take the assessment test in the app, instead of one commonized curriculum for all. Flexibility is also an advantage as employees can learn with the app anywhere, anytime, not interfering with work hours.

Especially, businesses with multi-generational workforce or aging workforce experience difficulty in applying technology and encouraging digital transformation. Therefore, it has become more important to skillfully engage the team in a suitable, simple way. Businesses may still ponder on the question of which application is right for each company, but technology, as a “glue” for cohesion, is increasingly proving great potential in becoming a solution for leaders and human resources department to effectively manage the staff in the new era.

Source: English speaking application ELSA Speak

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