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Identify Invisible Barriers That Prevent Business Development

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Large business could have operation issues if they do not improve in time. 

Building company culture is often neglected

Businesses often depreciate company culture but focus on development instead. Therefore, decrease employees morale and, lead to difficulties in retain talents. On the contrary, team building initiatives provide opportunities for employees to be more engaging.

Building company culture is often neglected


Miss T.L, head of Human Resources at a software company said: “Beside employee’s engagement activities such as birthday celebration or team building, we also focus on rewarding employees for their outstanding effort. In fact, our employees are more productive when business proactively recognize and reward their dedication.”

Release Human Resources department from the “unnamed tasks”

Large companies have complex procedures, which is time consuming for innovations to be implemented. Therefore, undermine the ideas and demotivate creative and keen learner personnel. 
Miss Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, deputy CEO of Talentnet advised: “HR department does not have time to build company culture if they have to process complex administration tasks. Therefore, it is crucial to refine the tasks for HR to participate in more strategic work.”

Release Human Resources department from the “unnamed tasks”

Mr. Ethan Pitcher, Director Human Resources for The Representative Office of adidas in Vietnam shared: “One of the first things we looked at was to determine the amount of administrative work within our HR function, to understand what could be potentially streamlined. This was done so we could better focus our energies on implementing HR strategy and improving the HR Team’s professional proficiency. While we utilize a number of international vendors for a variety of different services, adidas specifically chose Talentnet’s payroll service – a local vendor. The reason for our decision is that Talentnet has proven to meet all of our requirements in terms of security, technology and competitive pricing.”
Miss Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong added: “complex administration tasks still exist in several organizations. Businesses have partnered with Human Capital solutions firm to be consulted and “borrow” solutions and software such as outsourcing payroll service, utilize automatic annual leave system to facilitate better business operation.”
Talentnet is the payroll service provider for reputed firms such as adidas, Tetra Park, Gap International Sourcing Viet Nam. Talentnet is a regular name for big organizations when they require payroll service, human capital consultancy and others professional services related to Human Resources.

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Source: Người Lao Động