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Key Changes in HR Outsourcing in the COVID-19

Corona virus has had a huge effect and triggered a wide range of economic disturbances around the world. But the HR industry did not accept the rule. The industry quickly improved before the virus began to reveal its consequences.

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Key Changes in HR Outsourcing in the COVID-19

At the same time, many businesses have stopped the process of training and recruitment as overwhelming business challenges resulted from the COVID-19 demand immediate attention. Isn’t it time that companies explore the key changes in HR outsourcing and consider this effective and budget-friendly method?

Since too many businesses will continue the remote working mode or partial operation, the outsourcing industry will eventually be affected. Here’re some key changes in HR Outsourcing caused by the pandemic:

1.There will be more and more “non-core” role outsourced
While many Outsourced Services (e.g., accounting services or virtual accounting, staffing service, payroll service, contractor management, temporary recruitment) were popular prior to the pandemic, their position would only grow. As businesses concentrate their attention on the key jobs, they are more likely to outsource the so-called "non-core" roles. This applies more to small and medium-sized businesses. 

2.It would be necessary to be technologically friendly
If technology was important before Covid-19, it is vital now. Companies can work with an HR outsourcing provider to seek for remote staff that are suitable for technical development. 

Moreover, after the pandemic, efficiency is much more important and technology in outsourcing is going to improve it. For example, robotic assistants in HR may help businesses eliminate bias in recruitment, which results in better judgement in the hiring process.

Value networks are the links between various outsourcing companies in the outsourcing sense.

Value networks are the links between various outsourcing companies in the outsourcing sense.

3.Co-sourcing is more frequent
Co-sourcing is the process of obtaining an external resource to work on a long-term and integral function of your business. In fact, co-sourcing can mean that both internal and the external services pursue the same strategic initiative. For example, a startup may co-source with a financial specialist to release a new mobile payment application.

4.Value networks will continue to grow 
Value networks are the links between various outsourcing companies in the outsourcing sense. Following this pandemic, we would undoubtedly see outsourcing firms coming together to provide their customers with better services and adapt them more quickly and effectively to technical shifts.

Businesses should become familiar with the key changes of HR outsourcing services, and therefore take advantage of those HR solutions to allow the enterprises to navigate strongly through the COVID-19. As the leading HR outsourcing firm in Vietnam which owns nearly 10,000 contractors across industries, Talentnet will offer highly customized HR outsourcing related services based on different business needs, from outsourcing all to just part of your HR management team. We will help your company save time, save money, boost employee productivity, retain talent and remain compliant. Contact our experienced consulting team today!