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Social media in communication strategy for recruitment: the key to potential candidates

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Mạng xã hội - cơ hội của truyền thông tuyển dụng


Social media - opportunity for recruitment communication

One of the biggest benefits of recruit on social media is that recruiters can collect a wide-ranging useful information about interactions,... Especially when Gen Z - future workforce - are highly active on social media, using these familiar platforms can help connect businesses to those potential candidates. Furthermore, by ultilizing social media, businesses can transform their employees to be "communication ambassadors" and expand their connection; the recruitment news posted by these "ambassadors" are proved to be highly trusted, and the cost-per-hire is greatly reduced due to cutting off advertisement.

 tận dụngMXH để nhân viên trở thành “đại sứ” truyền thông trong hoạt động xây dựng thương hiệu tuyển dụng.


Ultilize social media for recruitment communication, how to be successful?

To fully take advantage of social media in recruitment process, businesses need:

  • Building recruitment brand
  • Spreading the potrait of potential candidates
  • Diversify content


Tận dụng mạng xã hội trong truyền thông tuyển dụng, đâu là chìa khóa thành công?