Talentnet, Not Just As Headhunters, But As Partners In Your Progress

Talentnet, Not Just As Headhunters, But As Partners In Your Progress

July 21, 2020

In the context of the current market, the demand for high-level recruitment is increasing; therefore, some enterprises tend to rely on “talent connection” like Talentnet to look for valuable candidates.

Talentnet, Not Just As Headhunters, But As Partners In Your Progress

Talentnet, not just as headhunters, but as partners in your progress

1.    Are you satisfied with your current job? 

When you are satisfied with your job, you will want to do your best, and somehow it becomes a chance for you to develop yourself. To self-assess your satisfaction with the current job, you can review some questions: Can you effectively apply your skill set into work? Do the job challenges or inspires you? Are you still learning new experiences from your job? If most of the answers are “No”, it is the right time to find another chance. 

2.    Suggestions for finding a suitable job: 

There are 3 factors that you need to consider: work experience, personal strengths, and the necessary skill set for your desired job. Market insights, industry trends are also important sources of information to help you make the right decision for your career development. Only consultants from big firms like Talentnet can provide you these insiders’ information.

3.    The situation of management-level recruitment in Vietnam market

According to the 2020’s recruitment forecast of Talentnet, the demand for management-level candidates will increase significantly in IT, Technology, and E-commerce. Companies are willing to pay well to recruit the right talents that can support their business development. Due to confidential requirements against competitors, high-level vacancies are seldom widely posted, but rather through professional recruitment services.

4.    Where can the top candidates hunt for high-paying jobs?
With such high demand for quality candidates, large companies and multinational corporations often use the “headhunter” service with Glocal – Global knowledge and local know-how. Therefore, in addition to recruiting websites or LinkedIn, you should seek support from headhunter services such as Talentnet Executive Search because this is the strategic recruiting partner of large companies, which can help you find suitable jobs. Talentnet can also give useful suggestions to help candidates in developing their skills and career orientation. Talentnet is the first partner you should think about whenever you need a new chance. 

5.    Talentnet Executive Search: A reliable connection to reputable employers

Talentnet Executive Search is the leading HR partner of multinational and domestic corporations with nearly 20-year experience. Therefore, Talentnet jobs with the need of high-level positions often cover many fields and have extremely attractive income. With the best understanding of the Vietnamese HR market, Talentnet consultants can help you find the right job with high chances of promotion.

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