Unify your Teams through HR Transformation

Unify your Teams through HR Transformation

June 22, 2021

HR teams are being tasked with finding new ways to manage and adapt. For most teams, this “new normal” means an increased volume of service requests, which can expose discrepancies across siloed, internal divisions.

Unify your Teams through HR Transformation
Decreased bandwidth of internal HR resources due to a high volume of inbournd inquires

Departmental silos exist when there is a lack of clear communication between one internal team to another. This challenge is something that affects everything from your people interactions to your internal systems. With teams running on separate platforms, it is becoming clear to senior management that they must help their teams. By unifying your employee experience on a single platform, companies are able to resolve, and prevent issues that can occur when HR is overwhelmed.

Consider how much time is spent on a standard inbound inquiry. For example, a new hire requires a new laptop. This process crosses with several divisions, who will interact with this request at some point. Standard questions from your employees like this, are repeated frequently through the course of the year. Cross-system and cross-departmental communications are crucial to the efficiency of handling frequent, standard requests. HR teams must support the high (and growing) volume of today’s new inquiries. They put themselves at risk, which can be damaging and expensive, further exposing the effects of inefficient workflows.

In today’s virtual environment, availability is important, unity is important, and your employees’ experience is important. You’ve heard the saying “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” Through Mercer’s partnership with ServiceNow as the 2020 Americas Premier partner, we are able to help strengthen your teams and bridge those gaps. By providing a unified vision, better communication, and the tools your teams need to create a united workforce that accurately reflects your company and your employees.

Recently, a Mercer and ServiceNow client was struggling with the challenges commonly experienced by many HR teams. You may relate:

  • Decreased bandwidth of internal HR resources due to a high volume of inbound inquires
  • Disjointed internal processes and further inefficiencies amongst different internal teams
  • Delayed response times due to reduced bandwidth for HR teams 

This employer quantified the effects of those inconsistencies to understand the impact of the demands and the misalignment that followed. By deploying ServiceNow, the company was able to increase employee satisfaction, all while saving over 8,000 hours of manual work. That manual work was automated within the ServiceNow platform, and repetitive tasks like approvals and document management were reported to decrease by over 36,000 manual approvals – saving both time and money.

Through HR transformation and the automation of processes such as employee onboarding, transfers, and benefits questions, ServiceNow and Mercer give you back valuable time. Time that can be spent on higher priority HR functions, such as crisis communications and access to benefits and global health information.

As a Premier ServiceNow Partner, Mercer understands that adapting to these new changes can impact every aspect of your business. Through our partnership, we provide you with visibility into operational effectiveness and ways to enhance your employees’ experience. We help your teams understand these changes, automate inbound employee requests, and leverage these actionable insights. By providing quick responses, you create additional bandwidth and provide a unified view from the top down. With this holistic understanding of your current state, and access to real time analytics- you are able to monitor, communicate, relieve, and adjust.

Source: Mercer

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