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We unconsciously become biased managers … just that we don't know, or hide it

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Này sếp, anh chị đang vô thức trở thành người quản lý thiên vị, chỉ là... không biết hoặc giấu nhẹm đi thôi!


According to a report from Why Diversity Matters, businesses benefit up to 35% revenue from having diversity of cultures, races, sexes in their employees. While CEOs and managers are aware of this and trying to implement strategies to ensure diversity, unconscious bias are hard to avoid.

To guarantee fairness, businesses should considered this since the first step: Recruitment. Businesses need to be open to "new" candidates, and businesses' culture should be rebuild so as not to isolate certain group of people. KPI and OKR can be major tools to help managers make the right decision and avoid bias.

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Source: Trí Thức Trẻ