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Candidates for Whose Chance season 3

Ho Chi Minh City
| Due Date: May 31, 2021
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  • Candidates are able to meet and present themselves to high caliber leaders from top businesses in Vietnam.
  • Candidates are provided with exclusive coaching to help better improve their confidence and articulate their past experiences to prepare them for best performance on live interviewing.
  • Candidates’ images, stories are aired on national channels (VTV3, VTV Magazine, digital newspapers, etc.). Whose Chance ensures these images, stories are inspiring and cleverly delivered to millions of viewers and potential employers.
  • Whose Chance and Talentnet commits to support candidates up to 6 months at work and secure benefits businesses promise on the show.
  • Candidates who don’t reach to optimal agreements on the show are guaranteed their images professional and creditable. Many candidates in prior seasons received job offers by businesses outside of the show.


  • Candidates are Vietnamese or expats with eligible work permit.
  • Candidates have the ability to communicate fluently and do not have any speech impairments.
  • Candidates should have significant achievements in working experience, knowledge, creativity, research project, prestige awards, …
  • Candidates are not bound by any working contracts at the time of production. Furthermore, candidates are required to begin to work no later than 30 days from the day of production.
  • Candidates with exceptional experience in specific work or inspiring stories are preferred.
  • Candidates who are confident giving speech to crowd or on screen are preferred.

For more information, please contact

Mr. Trần Hải Nam (028) 6291 4188 – Ext: 503
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