Boba, Rice Paper Salad, And Snacks – How Have They Impacted Business Culture?

Boba, Rice Paper Salad, And Snacks – How Have They Impacted Business Culture?

October 27, 2022

A survey found that the lack of workplace connections (when employees feel disconnected from company culture and colleagues) is the main reason why employee quit their jobs. Not only long-term strategies can help businesses foster more connections between employees but simple things such as boba and rice paper salad can also make this happen.

Boba, Rice Paper Salad, And Snacks – How Have They Impacted Business Culture?

Boba, Rice Paper Salad, And Snacks – How Have They Impacted Business Culture?

Workers are getting more disconnected than ever 

According to Mercer’s report at the seminar 2022 Talentnet-Mercer Total Remuneration Survey Report Announcement, employees are currently facing many different types of pressure. For example, the stress of taking care of children can cause working parents to lose up to 2 productive working days. Gen Z is concerned about their future and career, while millennials are concerned about their physical and financial well-being. 

That may be the reason why ‘quiet quitting’ has become a very popular keyword among the HR community recently. ‘Quiet quitting’ can be considered as employees’ protest against work pressure, as they perform all their regular work according to their responsibilities, and requirements but refuse to go above and beyond. This can be a new trend, but its root comes from a not-very-new problem: the lack of workplace connections. 

A recent survey from Gallup found out that for every 10 engaged American employees, there are 18 more American employees are actively disengaged. The ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is now 1.8 to 1, the lowest in almost a decade. This huge number has caused many businesses to rethink seriously about encouraging employees’ social interactions. HR experts also agree with this idea to improve workplace connections. Microsoft even built a social network for employees to communicate and interact. This helps their employees build real relationships instead of just colleagues. 

More connected thanks to the… snacking time 

A coherent strategy to increase employee connections is necessary. However, HR can start with simple initiatives instead of creating “big” ones. 

Boba, Rice Paper Salad, And Snacks – How Have They Impacted Business Culture?

Ms. Nguyễn Thị An Hà – Marketing and Strategic Partnership of Talentnet shared: “A study in the UK showed that employees in this market spend nearly 110 hours just to make tea and hot drinks each year, and 87% shared that afternoon tea help increase their creativity and work efficiency. In Vietnam, we do not have the afternoon tea culture but we have rice paper salads and boba. It’s just a saying, however, it emphasizes the importance of small activities compared to bigger activities like teambuilding, or year-end parties, etc. These minor activities such as snacking time can have a significant impact on the connections between employees.” 

Short breaks between working hours can increase employee productivity. In order to bring “the rice paper salad and boba culture” to another level, HR can continuously freshen up the experience by introducing various bonding activities such as: 

  • Turn on music at a certain time every day, maybe 1 hour before getting off from work. 
  • Organize sports and entertaining activities between 20–30-minute break such as tic-tac-toe, crossword, or knowledge quizzes. 
  • Upgrade snack time to a “weekend party” where colleagues can have fun and chitchat after a stressful working week. 

“To create quality connections, leaders should be the pioneers to participate in these activities. Not only at work, but employees also need to maintain connections with their family, friends, and the community to have a more fulfilling life. Understanding these needs will help businesses develop policies that truly touch the hearts of their employees, improve not just the connections within the workplace but also let the employees have a better and healthier life.” – Ms. An Hà concluded. 

Source: Cafebiz

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