Decoding Technology Power In Recruitment

Decoding Technology Power In Recruitment

March 1, 2017

HCMC, February 22, 2017, the workshop "The power of technology in recruitment strategy" - opening event of Vietnam HR Awards 2016 post-activities attracted nearly 150 guests who are HR professionals from business. 

Decoding Technology Power In Recruitment

Representatives of BAT Vietnam.

(Caption) Representatives of BAT Vietnam. Unilever Vietnam, and Novaland Group – winning enterprises of Vietnam HR Awards 2016, “Manpower Resourcing & Planning” category sharing on how the corporates apply technology to their recruitment strategies.

Through practical sharings from Vietnam leading corporates, the workshop persuasively “decoded” the trend of maximizing technology intorecruitment strategy during the past two years:

The 10-year vision in Recruitment: Technology replaces Humans!

During the panel discussion, “Technology – new imperative for modern recruitment”, HR experts from top big corporates such as Unilever, BAT, CSC, Novaland have predicted that technology will partly replace human role in some recruitment’s steps. While social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn prove to be effectively trendy recruitment tools for Millenials, other technical improvements in terms of database & process standardization and technicalization are still the norms for long-term impact on the first steps such as scanning resume to the last phase like checking reference from former line manager, technology can help to simplify some procedures by using Gamification, Online Interview. In next decade, digital HR will be obviously shaping modern recruitment strategy.

The other side of using the Social Media Recruitment

When the trends of using technology, especially social media to attract young talent is increasing, enterprises should be cautious in posting recruitment information. In addition, recruiters need to understand where their target candidates are, rather than using social network for all candidates since not all people are well adapted with technology advancements.

Ms. Huynh Tiep Nhu - Senior Recruitment Executive.

(Caption) Representatives of CSC Vietnam, Ms. Huynh Tiep Nhu – Senior Recruitment Executive.

According to HR professionals, using social media for recruitment in Vietnam seems like choosing food, quality always goes along with price. If you choose simple tool with “Free” label, there will be high possibility that your recruitment process may encounter many constraints. Therefore, decision is not only based on the good “taste” but must connect to other aspects such as financial heath, recruitment demand and long-term developing strategies before joining digital recruitment party.

Ms. Vo Thi Minh An - Talent Acquisition Manager, BAT East Asia.

(Caption) Representatives of BAT Vietnam, Ms. Vo Thi Minh An – Talent Acquisition Manager, BAT East Asia.

Branding for Recruitment: Tracing bright side of dark industries!

According to BAT Vietnam, businesses in sensitive sectors (dark industries) should focus on recruiting talent in coincidence. The employers should outlines recruitment strategies following marketing approach in which digital channels could be seen as powerful tactics. Not only support building brands, reduce the risk of recruitment and human resources crisis, “digitalized” tools such as social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook,…) also raise the company visibility to potential candidates and build “pride status” for current employee. Also, recruiters can utilize these platforms, tailor variety of content to win the audience’s attention, feed their interests and at the same time, collect their insights as well as their attitudes towards the company, maket.

Conversation between Ms. Tran Thien Minh Triet

(Caption) Conversation between Ms. Tran Thien Minh Triet – HR Director of Vina -BAT JV cum – Talent Manager, East Asia Area and moderator, Ms.Nguyen Thi Quynh Phuong – Director Executive Search Services of Talentnet.

The applications of technology in recruitment: Opportunities or Challenges for candidates?

Together with the trend of applying technology into recruitment, many employers have gradually replaced traditional methods with standardized tools and processes inclined to online interactivity. However, not all sectors and candidates can completely catch-up with this trend. Hence, there will be candidates feeling uncomfortable while stepping through the “technology” gate before approaching employers. From opportunities, technology in some cases has unwittingly turned into challenging barriers between seekers and their dream jobs. On the other hand, job seekers in the modern age are not just required to prove their expertise and right attitude to employers, but to be well adapted with new form of recruitment – digitalized hiring process. 

Please click here to download presentation from the workshop


Some photos from the workshop:

Photos from the workshop - 1

Photos from the workshop - 2

Photos from the workshop - 3

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Photos from the workshop - 6

Please click here to download presentation from the workshop

– Information compiled from the workshop –

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