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Employee’s Happiness: Mental Wellness And Financial Wellness Take The Throne In The Post-Pandemic

Physical wellness, mental wellness, and financial wellness are "the tripod" of employee happiness in the new now. In the first episode, "Resourceful HR: From why to how", of Vietnam HR Awards Podcast, we have been exploring the answer to building a resourceful HR strategy that fulfills employee needs with 2 experts from Dragon Capital and Suntory Beverage & Food Asia. 

VNHRA Podcast

Mental health assurance: The employees' need after Covid-19

COVID-19 causes HR to face many new demands from employees. Referring to this issue, Mr. Nguyen Hieu Truong An - Vice President, Head of Talent CoE – APAC, Suntory Beverage & Food Asia, affirmed: "I think mental health is a combination of many different factors and everyone has the right to seek it. There is no unreasonable demand, only the business has enough reason and mind to satisfy employees or not. When and only when a business can find a way to solve it, that business unit has an efficient resource." A specific example is during the social distancing period, Suntory Asia Pacific held many sessions for employees to share how to manage stress and stabilize personal relationships while working from home with psychologists.

Vietnam HR Awards Podcast - Matters that matter

Mr. Hans Nguyen, Senior Advisor of Distribution, Dragon Capital Vietnam, emphasized the impact of job satisfaction on mental health. He shared: "To ensure these two statuses of employees, the HR department and leaders need to remember two words: “appropriate," which means that the job must match the capacity and employees must "like" what they are doing. Simple but difficult!"

Financial stability: "It is better to draw a path for the deer to run than to let the deer run the wrong way!"

According to Mr. Hans Nguyen – with experience working in many different markets and countries, there is a reality that domestic businesses need to accept: "Even though the salary is good, workers still need to earn more money and increase financial income. The important is that the second job should not affect the main work." To ensure the benefits of both sides, enterprises should actively train, provide knowledge and information on investment and financial safety, helping employees increase passive income, thereby improving their live standards, while still ensuring high performance at the main work.

Vietnam HR Awards Podcast - Matters that matter

On the other hand, Mr. Nguyen Hieu Truong An pointed out that this can be a double-edged sword for employees. "All efforts are meaningless without an ownership mindset. It is difficult for employees to manage investment channels and be responsible for their main work at once. And according to the domino effect, the consequences could be a loss of personal time, effort and money." Mr. An commented.

Each person will have a different demand for a "wellness tripod." When the demands are met, the workers will totally devote their minds and energies towards the sustainable development goals of the business. This is what HR managers need to pay attention to when aiming to successfully build a comprehensive HR strategy in the new normal.