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Hanoi Businesses Are Struggling To Recruit Employees Amid Labour Shortage

Just in the first quarter of 2022, Hanoi has achieved 31.3% of the target of jobs created for the whole year. However, HR managers still face various difficulties in recruiting and retaining talent.


Scramble to recruit employees post Covid-19

After success in combating the pandemic, Hanoi is addressing labor market challenges, constantly connecting businesses and employees to solve labor shortages. However, there are still more than 50,000 vacant positions in the Hanoi labor market, especially in services, manufacturing, construction, etc.

The two main reasons causing the workforce problem in Hanoi are the shortage of skilled workers and senior-level workers in managing positions. Furthermore, businesses often have problems retaining unskilled workers since they tend to move to a different company that provides better salaries and benefits after being trained.

Tips to attract talent for businesses in Hanoi

In the "Shaping Your Business At Any Size" seminar in Hanoi, Ms. Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hương, Deputy CEO of Talentnet shared four suggestions for Hanoi HR experts on how to attract and retain talents, as well as avoid "talent drain", thereby transforming themselves into innovative businesses:

Changing the working mindset: Progressive businesses are trying to improve and create a better way to organize tasks. Starting by changing the mindsets, from having a skillful individual deal with one specific task to providing more skills for one individual thereby increasing productivity.

Investing and focusing on business and employee needs: Restructure and be more flexible, invest in new technology, improve the overall health of employees, or build a human-centered culture should be taken into consideration;

Building an agile and flexible structure: Transform your business structure from a 'machine-like’ with top-down directive leadership to a team that shares the same responsibility for the whole project. The manager’s job now is to provide direction and facilitate enforcement only;

Prepare for the predictable unknowns: Going through the pandemic, the world still has many uncertainties that can be predicted such as AI trends, automation, blockchain, or the consequences of climate change, pandemic, etc. Therefore, being prepared for any scenario not only helps to reassure employees but also helps businesses to be ready for the upcoming "storms".


Ms. Thanh Hương shared: “With the efforts of the government and FDI found, the flourishing of the Hanoi market is a good sign. However, to solve the problem of recruiting and retaining talent, Hanoi businesses need to focus more on building competitive advantages to attract talents from other markets. In addition, it is necessary to change businesses’ mindset and improve the organization's capacity to catch up with new trends, require new professional skills to keep pace with the 4.0 digital revolution all over the world”.

Source: Bao Dau Tu