Human Capital Strategy – From Zero to Hero?

Human Capital Strategy – From Zero to Hero?

May 21, 2019

There used to be a huge myth in business that Human Resource (HR) department is just a supporting function.

Human Capital Strategy – From Zero to Hero?

There used to be a huge myth in business that Human Resource (HR) department is just a supporting function. However, recent achievements of Strategic HR in diverse organizations have outfaced this myth. By creating a strong competitive edge for business, in terms of both cost-efficiency & productivity, people strategy has now become a worthy investment & impactful key driver to any organization & business leaders.

Holistic HR strategy at mid-sized companies: a luxury or a critical need?

In the era of rapid changes in technology and corporate culture, the development of an actionable HR strategy is no longer an option, but an all-important necessity.  The old-school thought that business success would lead to employee satisfaction as a result, has proved to be wrong. Talent acquisition and retention nowadays require a more strategic approach and long-term plan, equipped with different sets of necessary tools.

On the other hand, companies could not attain desirable outcomes if they always rely on their CEOs, CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer), or HR Heads to lead every people strategy & HR innovation. As the top leaders mostly put their focus on overall business development, upgrading the capabilities of HR department is critical to any business transformations, which help optimize the effectiveness of every HR strategy – even the most complicated one.

Most businesses, after entering the growth stage with more than hundreds of employees, usually have two greatest concerns. One is how to uplift HR’s capabilities in order to proactively gear up business transformation in short- and long-term, instead of performing administrative & operational tasks. The other is how to make meaningful investment in HR leaders to achieve the best ROI for their development.

human resource management

These two concerns in a nutshell has addressed the key pain point of any enterprise: How to transform HR from cost-center into profit-center to optimize growth and revenue. If being equipped with adequate tools, resource & business insights, HR will definitely be a “HERO” for breakthrough innovations and impactful changes within an organization.

From Zero to Hero – How to make HR champion the business agenda?

At the C-Table, the CEO leads the innovations of strategy, the COO visualizes strategy through operations, the CIO incorporate everything in place with technology, the CFO ensures strategy financially-effective. Last but not least, the CHRO will build a strong foundation of resources to make it possible for every strategic move. These days, to fully leverage the “capital” in human capital, there should be more exposure opportunities for HR practitioners to effective models, tactics and tools in well-established companies or agile businesses. HR can then flexibly apply these best practices into different business objectives and growth stages.

In Vietnam, apart from HR workshops, one of the most credible business showcases towards people strategies is the Talentnet Business Innovation Showcase (TBIS). This exclusive business trip is to harness first-hand HR insights and ideas from leading businesses in Singapore. 

Being one of the countries that put HR strategy development on its national agenda, Singapore is also a well-known HR professional hub where many multi-national companies have obtained remarkable breakthrough in strategic HR. In addition to valuable sharing from regional specialists, trip participants will have the chance to experience workplace ambience & best practices from Google, Oracle, Unilever, Gex Ventures, Heraeus, Harman, as well as networking opportunities with like-minded professionals.

Human Capital Strategy

For leaders who want to build agile and responsive organizations, and for HR managers who foster people strategy that drives performance, TBIS 2019 is a worthy investment that helps transform your HR department from Zero to Hero through optimized models, actionable ideas, and best practices. This would then make a meaningful impact on growth and revenue for the business. Some of the pertinent topics and key issues covered in the trip included: Disruptive concept of mature corporate culture, Talent development and engagement, Key dimensions of successful HR transformation, and numerous others.

Regardless of your concerns, from finding a balance between employee satisfaction and business resources, building successor pipelines, to deploying digital platform into HR systems, go and find your world-class answers at TBIS 2019.


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