A Little Fun @ Work - Let The Fun Begin!

A Little Fun @ Work - Let The Fun Begin!

July 6, 2021

One day at the Talentnet office we thought: “Hey! What can we do to stay sane and entertain ourselves at work?” and the rest is history when it became our new mission.

A Little Fun @ Work - Let The Fun Begin!

We at Talentnet have always focused on “making the lives of every employee better”! But this time, instead of on a strategic scale, our wonderful (hopefully) merchandise set A Little Fun @ Work will address you – the employee.

We kind of forget about what truly matters at work: ourselves. A Little Fun @ Work is our initiative to be the companion in your journey to regain mental health by adding a little fun to the work!

The fun – how we will bring it to you

Here are a few strategies that we present to you in our merchandise set:

  • Fun comes from the purest form: playing
  • Fun at your own leisure: exploring
  • Fun in sharing: connecting

A Little Fun @ Work, powered by Talentnet, is coming soon. Eager to learn more? Leave your information below to receive release notification and earn a chance to get this set with a special discount.

Let's talk

Let's talk

Coming soon: Live Panel about Labour law & Social Insurance

Live Panel: Labour Inspection, Work Permit and Draft Law on Social Insurance (amended)

26th June, 2024 | Live on Quickom platform

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