New Career Opportunities For HR

New Career Opportunities For HR

March 21, 2022

Even though HR is the one to help employees map out their career paths, they also suffer from the uncertainty in their own career path.

New Career Opportunities For HR

New Career Opportunities For HR

Is HR a promising career?

After working in HR for sometimes, many workers start to wonder what are the options for their career path, or even career changes. Numerous HR acknowledge that their career paths have become deadlocked, and they have few choices compared to other fast-moving professions (such as marketing, sales, etc).

An expert shared that due to the sustainable and stable nature of human resources with its consistent and specialized works, namely recruitment, strategic planning, remuneration, or building company culture, that most HR will feel like treading water all the time.

The opportunity to “make a fresh start” in new profession is wide open for HR

With extensive experience in HR field, Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh – CEO of Talentnet Corporation thoroughly understands the inner crisis of HR professionals. Ms. Trinh suggested that instead of starting over, HR’s existing skillsets can open up new trajectories for their career that they haven’t thought of before.

With experience and excellent expertise in building compensation, L&D, talents acquisition policies…, HR can completely advance in their career path and become a consulting partner to assist start-ups or developing companies with establishing HR strategies, and ensuring sustainable development.

Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh
CEO of Talentnet

Recent research by Harvard Business Review has identified 21 HR jobs of the next 10 years including Strategic HR Business Continuity-Director, ‘Work from home’ Facilitator, Head of Business Behavior, Human-Machine Teaming Manager, Human Network Analyst, Director of Well-being, HR Data Detective, etc.

New Career Opportunities For HR

According to Ms. Trinh, human resources is a very promising profession that fosters various useful skills. With those skills, HR can advance their career path by persistently pursuing their career and progressing to become an HR Strategy Director or Head of Digital HR Training. They can also expand into other fields such as senior trainers that host internal training programs for many businesses. Even if they start their own businesses, HR will have certain advantages in terms of recruitment and people management, etc.

“As long as you constantly hone the needed skills and expertise, no matter what you choose, success will come to you”, Ms. Trinh concluded.

Source: Dan Tri

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