Not Only Marketing, Human Resources Also Needs KOLs!

Not Only Marketing, Human Resources Also Needs KOLs!

January 17, 2022

Who are the KOLs (influencers) in the company? And what is their relationship with HR? How do HR – KOLs fit together like "puzzle" pieces? The answer was revealed in the last episode of Vietnam HR Awards Podcast with the topic: "Who is HR's KOL in the company", hosted by Talentnet with the appearance of 03 esteemed guest speakers: Ms. Truong Bich Dao - HR Director of Nestlé Vietnam, Ms. Truong Thi Tuong Uyen - HR Director of Fashion Garments; and Ms. Alexis Pham - CHRO of Home Credit Vietnam.

Not Only Marketing, Human Resources Also Needs KOLs!

Not Only Marketing, Human Resources Also Needs Kols!

HR is not alone in the fight against Covid-19

The constant waves of changes in social context during the COVID-19 period have not only put businesses under immense stress to keep up and but also “eroded” the mental and physical health of businesses, the workforce and especially HR – the “intermediary” connecting departments. However, HR does not need to fight alone in this battle when there are still “KOLs”,  “HR ambassadors” who are pleased to accompany them and share the hardship.

It’s important that HR must be willingly welcome helps from others. Because in the end, HR is also human and there are times when it’s tiring and they need to share their feelings, thoughts with others.

Ms. Truong Bich Dao
HR Director of Nestlé Vietnam

On the other hand, Ms. Alexis Pham affirmed that all employees in the company are KOLs and influence different target groups. Ms. Alexis further elaborated that KOLs are divided into 03 core groups: high-level leaders, future leaders and staff. When HR people have the assistance of the high-level leaders, they will become the pioneers to spread the message. The future leaders will have different target audience and take on the responsibility of inspiring others. Finally, the staff group is the ones who are receiving the benefits and working according to the company’s policies and culture, thereby spreading the positive values of the business to the community.

The guide to “winning and influencing people” for HR

HR experts advised that the key to keeping the relationship of HR and their KOLs solid and ready for any crisis is building the right mindset through corporate culture. Only when employees habor the right mindset, together with a deep understanding of business culture, then HR strategies can be easily communicated and well-received by everyone.

Not Only Marketing, Human Resources Also Needs Kols!

Furthermore, HR must always listen to their employees. Ms. Truong Thi Tuong Uyen shared that HR should also consider the employees’ demand from their perspective before building any strategy. This will help HR strategy to be aligned with employees’ needs, and result in employees’ willingness to spread the message to their network, which turns them into the “true ambassadors” of the company.

Additionally, involving the employees from the beginning of HR campaigns is also very important to help them understand the message that HR wants to convey, as well as the difficulties and challenges in the implementation process. HR also needs to improve employees’ skills and prepare necessary tools, such as guidelines for using social networks…, so as that the message is consistently and widely communicated.

What’s more, the first two episode of Vietnam HR Awards Podcast have also brought about various stories about HR and other “backstage” experiences that are beyond the box of HR career.

With a unique podcast format that only focuses on sound, the guest speakers will have the chance to tell the stories, express their feeling in a most genuine way to the community. This is also the reason why SeABank accompanies Vietnam HR Awards for three consecutive years, with the desire to bring a meaningful program not only to the HR community but also to all business leaders and employees. Podcast is a convenient format that can be listened to anywhere, anytime. Through the sharing of top experts in HR and business management, Talentnet and SeABank wish to portray an authentic picture of HR in the new normal, thereby supporting businesses to develop HR strategies with the aim for sustainable development.

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