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Talentnet’s Seminar: Shaping Your Business At Any Size

On May 20, 2022, Talentnet held a seminar "Shaping Your Business at Any Size" in Hanoi to bring the most up-to-date information from the perspective of economics and HR. The event informs and proposes the latest HR trends and talent management strategies in Vietnam and in the region, featuring two expert speakers with over 20 years of experience in the fields of HR consulting for a variety of enterprises.

Talentnet’s Seminar: Shaping Your Business At Any Size

Megatrends present both huge potential and great pressures for enterprises. Rapid technology advancements, changing company structures, and shifting customer & buying habits are all factors to take into account. Additionally, never have an organization’s internal seen many generations work together, and their needs have never been stronger - especially after Covid-19. It's varied, unexpected, and necessitates such "individualization".

All these factors have required organizations to be innovative, adaptable, and agile while ensuring long-term sustainability. Understanding that, Talentnet has held the seminar “Shaping Your Business at Any Size” to help companies develop modern tactics in HR management, maintain a sustainable internal resource, and to be flexible in the new era.

Our speakers:

1.   Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong – Deputy CEO | Talentnet Corporation
2.   Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Phuong – Director of HR Consulting Business | Talentnet Corporation

Session 01: Sustaining Growth at any size

Talentnet’s Seminar: Shaping Your Business At Any Size

In the first part of the Seminar, Ms. Thanh Huong shared about the Global Talent Trend 2022 which is nearly 11,000 voices who contributed to this year’s study. C-suite executives, HR leaders, and employees representing 16 geographies and 13 industries told us what’s keeping them up at night and what they hope the future holds. Taken together, their stories point to the need for a more Relatable Organization, one that challenges legacy notions of value-creation and redefines its contribution to society. The five global Talent Trends are:

  • Reset for Relevance
  • Work in Partnership
  • Deliver on Total well-being
  • Build for employability
  • Harness collective energy

Additionally, Ms. Thanh Huong showed us “How are progressive companies working with their employees?”

  • Investing (time, money, and energy) in what their organization & their people value
  • Introducing new ways of working and leading
  • Building an agile AND strategic mindset across the enterprise
  • Preparing for the known unknowns (AI, climate change, pandemics)

Talentnet’s Seminar: Shaping Your Business At Any Size

Session 02: Human Resources Transformation – Turning Potential into Power

The second half of the seminar is Ms. Quynh Phuong's presentation on the perspective of HR employees in the post-Covid era. With HR trends in Vietnam progressively evolving, organizations must look within to see how they may fill that gap between the present and the innovative future that they desire.

Ms. Quynh Phuong also addressed concerns about overall employee health care trends, including physical, mental, societal, and financial. "Employee mental health is highly crucial," Ms. Phuong emphasized. To take care of a good business's well-being, they should start with the internal HR team, because they are the first to be impacted by the change and also the execution team to support the organization to walk a fine line between reality and industry trends. Therefore, priority should be given to improving the skills and competencies of this team first.”

More than 200 corporate leaders, HR managers, and HR specialists responded positively to the information shared during the seminar. With international methodology and local insights, Talentnet is proud to be the only company in Vietnam that provides total HR solutions that can help clients fulfill and steadily advance towards business objectives.

For your reference, please download the seminar documents here: