Who Can Drive Sales & Marketing 4.0?

Who Can Drive Sales & Marketing 4.0?

May 21, 2021

On May 17, 2021, the webinar organized by Talentnet named "Who can drive Sales & Marketing 4.0" to announce the latest figures and information on the labour market of the Sales & Marketing industry in "the new now".

Who Can Drive Sales & Marketing 4.0?

Who Can Drive Sales & Marketing 4.0?

The outbreak of Sales & Marketing

Statistics have shown that, in the chaos caused by COVID-19 to the global economy, consumers become less skeptical when paying a subscription fee for online content. According to a survey by Google Analysis, 36% of users said they increased the frequency of online shopping and digital engagements after the COVID-19 occurred and spent most of the time working from home.

The number of online suppliers is multiplied by 5-6 times versus before, opening lots of Sales & Marketing opportunities. Digital has now become an effective tool to accelerate Sales & Marketing to the target. The more exciting online activities become, the more talents are on demand in Sales & Marketing, especially in Vietnam.

Who can drive Sales and Marketing 4.0

4 main trends:

1. In the past, people tended to work independently, however, we now become more connected & engaged strongly.
2. Employee experience is focused. Employees in organizations led by empathic leaders will have more energy to contribute, and develop than those in other organizations.
3. “Race to reskill” becomes the cornerstone of all activities. In order not to be left behind in the competition, businesses need to focus on training and coaching new & relevant skillsets for the workforce.
4. “Sense with science” is essential. Our ability to predict & analyze the market tendencies will help us to act on timely decisions. Besides, an open mind & senses for new insights instead of “in-the-box” problem-solving will help businesses become very competitive.

Who can drive Sales and Marketing 4.0Who can drive Sales and Marketing 4.0

The recruitment need for Sales & Marketing is strongly increased. When technology grows, brand new positions are also opened and ready to welcome talents. This is the fact that is most clearly reflected in the recruitment sites, when many businesses are now seeking for a lot of new roles such as Marketing Solutions Manager, Partnership Marketing Manager, Livestream Project Manager, etc. 

Ms. Ly Ngoc Tran, Head of Talentnet Executive Search and HR Outsourcing Service stated that “Although there is a high demand in recruitment, there is still a shortage in talents.  In this competition, whoever acts fast, makes timely decisions will get the highest chance of winning.”

What do employers expect from Sales & Marketing candidates?

Last but not least, the panel discussion has brought exciting & insightful conversations, with the point of view from 4 Sales & Marketing leaders on market situations as well as their expectations towards talents.

Who can drive Sales and Marketing 4.0

According to Ms. Hoang Thi Mai Huong – Chairwoman of Publics Groupe Vietnam and MSLGroup Vietnam, despite the 4.0, the principles of Marketing remain the same. Being good at statistics, at data is an advantage; however, it is not enough. In order to move further in Marketing, talent has to adopt an art of telling the product story to the right person, at the right time and with the right intention!

On the same page with Ms. Mai Huong, Ms. Pham Nha Uyen added that the qualities of the marketer will not change, but the priority order will be flexibly adjusted. No matter how much the marketing industry develops, its basic core values remain the same. New digital channels or platforms are just one of the factors to promote the development of the Marketing industry.

The speakers also sketched a “portrait” of consumers in the current context with the following characteristics: full of power, free of choices, selective, and easy to change.

Ms. Doan Thi Diem Chi – Chief Growth Officer of On-point E-commerce company commented that Personal experience would be the critical factor in the whole customer journey in the digital age. The more personalization the product brings into, the more it touches the needs of individuals, the more preferable to the users.

Finally, open-mindedness, learning agility, and the intellectual ability to combine both art & science are important criteria that employers look for in future candidates.

You can review the full webinar “Who Can Drive Sales & Marketing 4.0” here:

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