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Payroll and HR Outsourcing

Assists clients in managing their HR functions, including: payroll system, payroll, administration, staffing service…
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About Payroll and HR Outsourcing

Payroll and HR Outsourcing Services (POS) are key services of Talentnet. We provide clients with a total solutions package for payroll and HR outsourcing using international standards from ADP Streamline, coupled with extensive local knowledge.

About our Partner
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Talentnet is proud to be a local payroll partner of ADP in Vietnam.

ADP, the ADP logo, and Always Designing for People are trademarks of ADP, Inc. Copyright (C) 2020 ADP, Inc. All rights reserved.
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Why Us?
Partner of ADP Streamline

• Standardized process systems
• International best practices & methodology.

Advanced Technology

• Constantly upgraded systems
• Successful performance against Penetration Test
• Integration capability with various systems
• Diversified reports (including customized reports)
• Back up, disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Leading HR Experts

• Consultants with solid experiences with more than 8-year experiences while managers with more than 15 years of experiences in Payroll & HR Outsourcing industry
• Act as an internal payroll team for clients with small headcount
• Have experience in setting up and processing payroll for complex and large-volume clients
• Possess in-depth understanding of market practices and the latest legal regulations
• Comprehensive knowledge of different HR issues.

Our Services

Clients can choose to implement a full package of payroll services or some of the following services:

a. E-Leave Management and Overtime Management

• Investment in software, servers or IT infrastructure not required from clients
• Easy customization to meet clients’ needs which directly link to Talentnet’s payroll system
• Management all types of leave and overtime policies
• Ease of use in registration and approval of leave and overtime requests via secured website
• Many standardized leave and overtime reports available for HR and management purposes.

b. Payroll Management

• System flexible to be set up to meet clients’ specific needs
• Standardized process and twelve internal control reports checking input data and output reports to minimize human errors and ensure accuracy.
• Many standard payroll reports available to clients as well as customized reports available upon clients’ requests.

c. Insurance Management

We take care of all activities related to compulsory insurance such as social insurance (SI), health insurance (HI), and unemployment insurance (UI). These activities include:

• Initial registration with the Social Security Office to obtain insurance accounts and codes for clients
• Claims management for sick leave and maternity leave
• Obtain and deliver health insurance cards to clients every six months
• Register new employees with the Social Security Office to obtain insurance books (when applicable) and health insurance cards  
• Deregister terminated employees with the Social Security Office, returning health insurance cards and close their insurance books
• Reconcile quarterly reports with Social Security Office.

d. Personal Income Tax Management

We complete all necessary declarations, filings and payments (when applicable) related to Personal Income Tax (PIT) payments for employees. They include:

• Obtain tax codes for new employees (when applicable)
• Register new dependents or changes to dependents
• Complete monthly tax declarations, filings and payments (when applicable)
• Issue tax receipts to employees
• Prepare tax finalization at year-end.

e. Tax Finalization for Individuals and Corporates

• Tax finalization service available for non-payroll clients.
• Clients can be Vietnamese, foreigners or employers
• Service scope is customized based on each client’s needs.

f. Pay Slip Generation and Distribution

• Three options for pay slip delivery method: hard copy, electronic copy via email, or online copy via secured website
• Many standard payroll reports available to clients as well as customized reports available upon clients’ requests.

g. Employee Queries

• An additional service for clients who do not have local HR contacts or have a huge workforce
• Communications are primarily via email, telephone, or website.
• A monthly report on employee queries can be shared with an authorized person of the client.

h. HR Events Alert

• Clients will be notified of important HR events such as the end of probation or the expiry of an employment contract.


I.    What – RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

RPO is a workforce solution in which companies transfer to Recruitment Service Providers to manage to some or all parts of the entire recruitment process and related talent management functions
RPO service providers operates as a strategic business partners day-to-day working with companies to implement assigned recruitment processes, improve the quality of hires, increase delivery speed and boost cost efficiency

II.    Why – RPO

Big companies may prefer to focus on their core business and outsource such functions to professionals. RPO is a solution that has enormous potential. Buying an RPO solution, companies would reduce the internal burdens of talent acquisition, enabling them to better focus on the business operations goals. The main benefits associated with RPO are:

  • Shorten time to hire 
  • Scalability 
  • Cost efficiency 
  • Scalability 
  • Stronger Quality of hires 
  • Excellent compliance regulations

III.    Who needs RPO

Companies facing the following conditions are in an especially good position to need RPO:

  • High-volume hiring requirements 
  • Fast-growing hiring requirements 
  • Urgent hiring requirements 
  • Limited recruitment team headcounts 
  • Special hiring requirements need varied



Our Expertise 

As experts across industries and functions, our consultants are the most trusted recruitment partners in Vietnam with G-local capability (knowledge and best solutions based on global standards & local best practices)

Our Database 

Talentnet has a comprehensive database of hundreds of thousand active candidates, including multi levels from senior levels to junior, starting levels, across industries

Our Technology 

Talentnet harnesses advanced staffing technology to provide a highly-efficient, cost-effective hiring process from candidate tracking to automated sourcing, CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) tool

Our DNA 

Hi-standard – Thoughtful – Agile



Talentnet provides variety of RPO solutions which are the best-fit for your organization. Here are the main types offered:

End-to-end RPO
End-to-end RPO solution encompasses a full-cycle recruitment process, from recruitment process design, planning through to on-boarding, as well as technology investments 

Our end-to-end RPO typically offers the biggest cost savings and efficiencies for businesses and typically leads to greater client satisfaction

This solution evolves value-added services such as employer branding increase the quality of hires

Project RPO
We apply end-to-end approach to a specific project that is deployed to quickly fulfill resources, a high volume staffing need, on a single project basis, such as a new product launch or opening a new branch/stores

Our Project RPO is an effective solution if your organization wishes to maintain its internal recruitment capabilities for day-to-day hiring, but needs the benefits of an end-to-end approach for a project with a defined scope

Selective RPO
With this solution, we customize to provide bundled support for select components of the talent acquisition cycle from requisition intake to candidate sourcing and engagement to onboarding and everything in between 

The solution allows clients’ internal recruitment team to focus on their strengths, while also leveraging our expertise.

On-demand RPO
We provide a specific number of recruiters as required to help clients address spikes in hiring

This solution allows our clients to add recruitment capabilities immediately, without any process changes or technology implementation



1.    WHAT are Pre-employment check services?

Pre-employment check services are checking conducted and reported on primarily for pre-employment purposes. Turnaround time typically ranges between 5 and 15 days, and the scope of each search varies in details, depending on what information needs to be recovered about your prospective employee.
These services are applied for new hires and Existing Employees.

2.    WHY should companies use Pre-employment check services?

Since each new hire is critical to a business's success, companies must make wise hiring decisions based on accurate information.

The main benefits associated with Pre-Employment Check are:

  • Shorten time to check
  • Increase quality to hire
  • Scalability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Increase compliance regulations

3.    WHICH companies would use Pre-employment check services?

Many MNCs and big local companies take advantage of pre-employment checks. Performing a pre-employment check on a potential employee can reveal important information about that person so companies can make the best hiring decision.

4.    WHY choosing Talentnet?

  • Affordable: Control costs with multi choices of pay-as-you-go packages or monthly fixed fees.
  • Fast turnaround time: Our speedy turn-around times and accurate information help you place quality candidates quickly.
  • Accurate information: We also understand that the accuracy of our work is important. We help clients improve the quality of their hires, and to reduce turnover, recruiting and training costs.
  • Confidential & Compliant: Our service is built with compliance in mind. Gain peace of mind knowing the background checks you order help you comply with regulations.
  • Talentnet’s DNA: Hi-standard – Thoughtful – Agile

5.    Our scope of work:

  • Employment history check: to verify information related to position, dates of employment and reason for leaving
  • Reference check: whereby former supervisors are contacted to ascertain past reputation and performance.
  • Social media check: which involves a printed media and online to ascertain whether any detrimental information has ever been reported.
  • Educational check: to verify whether the candidate has indeed studied and graduated as per the information provided.
  • Professional qualifications: to verify whether the professional certifications are genuine.

If Clients are currently:
• In the process of setting up new entity in Vietnam.
• Limitations on permanent headcounts issues.
• Production team has variable headcount due to production requirements/Flexible resource where unstable workforce applicable.
• Changing from fixed cost to variable cost (Allocate variable cost to fixed cost)
• In shortage of HR personnel to manage HR task for sales or promotion team.
• High staff turnover rate given the nature of the business
• Global strategy to outsource non-core business functions


As an Employer of Record (EOR), our scope of services typically includes the following:
• Contractor Employment and Labor Management: Employees are under employment with Talentnet in terms of Payroll processing, HR document-related tasks, Compulsory duty to relevant authorities and HR consultancy with strict compliance to the applicable legislation.
• Benefits Management: In addition to compulsory insurance, Talentnet supports Clients to register and manage other types of benefits, such as Extra Medical Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and so on, if required.
• Business expenses and reimbursement management: Talentnet support Contractors to claim business expenses with transparent and accurate Reimbursement Process as well as guidance on financial invoice and verify supporting documents and reimburse or offset cash advances.

What is the staffing service and who normally uses this type of service?

Our staffing service is a new, quick and efficient way of bringing temporary personnel onboard to address certain situations. Talentnet, Professional Employment Organization (PEO), commits to provide Temporary Agency Staff solution for short and long term employment such as Receptionist/front office service, Administration service, Book-keeping service, Project support, Logistic and Warehouse, Part-timer immediately upon receiving a client’s request.

Clients are recommended to purchase Staffing Service when:
  • In the process of setting up new entity in Vietnam

  • A staff member is on maternity leave or long-term sick leave.

  • The organization needs short – term backup when Contractor is on vacation.

  • More resources are required to implement special projects or to install a new software/system such as SAP or Workday.

What is the difference between Employment Service versus Staffing Service?
  • Employment Service: The candidates are recommended by clients

  • Staffing Service: The candidates are provided by Talentnet

The Scope of Staffing Service typically includes:
a. Recruitment and Replacement:

Upon receiving Client’s requirements regarding qualifications, working experience and Job Description (JD), Talentnet will send staff or candidates for interview and select the best-fit for Clients. A replacement is guaranteed in case the selected candidate resigns or Clients is unsatisfied with the Contractor’s performance.

b. Contractor Employment and Labor Management:

Talentnet offers professional employment with qualified employees who pass clients’ interview or meet requirements regarding qualifications and working experience to deliver a service or to perform specific tasks (known as “contractors”). Mentioned Employees are managed by Talentnet in terms of payroll processing, document-related tasks and HR consultancy with strict compliance to the Laws.

c. Benefits Management:

In addition to compulsory insurance, Talentnet supports Clients to register and manage other types of benefits, such as Extra Medical Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and so on, if required.

d. Business expenses and reimbursement management:

Talentnet supports Contractors to claim business expenses with transparent and accurate Reimbursement Process as well as guidance on financial invoice and verify supporting documents and reimburse or offset cash.

Advantages of Staffing Service:
  • Utilize and maximize temporary resource by rotating functions/positioning to the different requirements of clients

  • Clients are insured with continuity of resource, which helps Clients to keep up current workflow.

  • Contractors adaptability is also a plus since they have opportunity to expose to various professional working environments.


Full HR Outsourcing Services is a total solution package which enables clients to have required services implemented, ensuring the constant availability of personnel, service performance management and replacement.


Scope of Full Professional Employment Organization Services includes:
• Provide resource as per service requirement
• Train and send the Contractor to deliver service at specific site
• Manage Service Performance
• Allocate resources upon specific requirements from Clients

a. Briefing on Vietnam’s Personal Income Tax Laws For Newly-Assigned Expatriates

• Meet and explain to each expatriate about Vietnam’s Personal Income Tax Law and impact on income
• Assist Expatriates in preparing the documents needed for tax registration and obtaining individual tax codes.

b. Initial Personal Income Tax Registration For Expatriates Working For Representative Offices

• Assist Expatriates with Initial Personal Income Tax registration with the Department of Industry and Trade (DOIT) as necessary
• Gather required supporting documents in a quick manner and prepare the paperwork.

c. Payroll, Personal Income Tax Calculations and Declarations For International Local Hired and Assigned Expatriates

• Payroll calculation, withholding personal income tax, health insurance, and pay the net take-home to Expatriates’ bank accounts in VND or other currency
• Declare and file Personal Income Tax payments for Expatriates monthly or quarterly
• Prepare payment instructions for client’s execution, or transfer the tax and insurance liability to statutory bodies on behalf of Expatriates or clients.

d. Visa, Work Permit and Temporary Resident Card (TRC) Applications

• Provide clients with a checklist of required documents for visa, work permit or TRC applications
• Guide the Expatriates through the documentation process
• Work with local authorities during the application process.

a. Initial Registration with Local Authorities (Post-Licensing)

After obtaining an investment license or business license, a newly set-up organization must complete compulsory initial registrations with local authorities. Talentnet can offer the following support services.
• Initial registration with the Tax Department
• Initial registration with the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs (DOLISA)
• Initial registration with the Department of Industry and Trade (DOIT)
• Initial registration with Social Security and obtaining an insurance account for contributions.

b. Pay Slip Generation and Distribution

• This service is for payroll clients who does not have pay slip generation capability
• Talentnet generates pay slips and distributes to all employees on clients’ behalf using one of the pre-agreed methods (hard copy, by email, or online pay slip).

c. Review and Registration of Internal Labor Rules

• Review and edit the current Internal Labor Rules (ILR) to make sure they align with the Vietnam Labor Code.
• Create new ILR based on the Vietnam Labor Code, with clients provided input
• Translate the approved English version into Vietnamese
• Obtain approval from the District Trade Union (when applicable)
• Register with the local Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLISA)
• Work with DOLISA on behalf of client regarding the content of the ILR
• Obtain approval on the Vietnamese version from DOLISA and delivering it to the client.

d. Gross to Net Consultation and Implementation

• Consult clients on the principle of converting net pay to gross pay (e.g. total employment cost is unchanged)
• Work with client on the communication plan to the whole team and each individual
• Come up with the gross values of base salary and other pay elements in the remuneration package
• Respond to employees’ queries on their new gross pay, if any.

e. Payroll Process Review and Improvements

• Review payroll process, from collecting payroll input data to processing payroll to generating output reports
• Suggest improvements to minimize the risks of inaccurate data input and non-compliance when local regulations change.

TIPS is an integrated web-based system that provides one solution for many functions: employee self- service, manager self- service payroll, online reports, pay slips, personal data, leave and overtime, benefits administration, and legal updates
TIPS is a centralized location for payroll communication, where it’s easy to keep track of, store and retrieve data
Customized management reports available to meet your needs
Flexible integration with other HR and finance systems.

HR Outsourcing & Payroll Service - 2
Benefit of TIPS

• Web-based platform: convenient to access anywhere, anytime
• Integrated system: one-stop shop for all your labor and payroll-related functions
• High level of security: Penetration-Test, back-up and restore data
• Automated data transfer and processing allows increasing accuracy, confidentiality, and efficiency
• No large investment cost - pay per use.

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Talentnet, especially the recruitment consultant team always make me trust and pleased with their efficiency and high quality service.

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High level of professionalism, market understanding, dedication to what you do, and a great deal of customer orientation that do not always exist in many other places

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Both the functional & technical consultants were knowledgeable, engaging, willing, & flexible. Talentnet team was able to work through the difficulties & meet our requirements.

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Complete willingness to engage with us from the very beginning & throughout the entire project; thoroughly professional and competent team members – technical, functional & project management; and ability to add value across the entire business process chain.

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Solve immediate customer problems, provide great client service, ensure customer service agreements.

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