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Does Covid-19 Cause More Challenges Or Bring More Opportunities For Women?

Does Covid-19 cause more challenges or bring more opportunities for women?

Covid-19 caused a lot of troubles for women, when they have to balance between houseworks and works. Also, single women feel pressure by the economy crisis. But, there is positive in the negative, that this year experience the highest number of high-level women managers (30% according to Women in Business report 2020). In Vietnam, the outsourcing demand has help many women to open their own small businesses at home.

In the future, businesses should take the chance given by Covid-19 to implement new policies that lift some of female employees' pressure and create opportunities for them to work better in this new normal.

Covid-19 đang tạo áp lực hay mang đến thêm cơ hội việc làm cho phụ nữ? - Ảnh 1.



Source: Tri Thức Trẻ