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Hồ Chí Minh
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Consultant of HR Payroll will be responsible for handling day to day payroll activities for Clients. Works closely with clients under supervision to produce services exactly and in a timely manner.


1. Finance:

  -  Be responsible for individual target

  -  Clients’ debtor control

2. Customer Services:

 Build and maintain strong relationships with clients by providing quality service

3. Process/ Function:

 -  Be responsible for processing payroll for clients based strictly on Talentnet process.

 -  Distribute the net take home to client employees’ bank account, Tax and Insurance payments to statutory bodies on behalf of Client.

 -  Calculate final payment for client’s resigned employees.

 -  Prepare and submit monthly, quarterly, yearly PIT reports.

 -  Reconcile payment transactions with internal finance.

 -  Bill and Follow up client's pre-agreed credit terms to make debtor control.

 -  Answer simple inquiries from client and client’s employees when required.

 -  Directly work with Government Departments to submit required documents.

 -  Filling, store and send documents to Clients.

 -  Perform other duties as assigned, including on-site projects or expat PIT work

  Learning & growth: 

 -  Participate in seminars for regulations/knowledge update

 -  Learn and develop by self

  Major challenges:

 -  Reach the individual sales target

 -  Handle various payroll work simultaneously

 -  Produce quality services to clients exactly and in a timely manner, meet the deadline.

 -  Handle various admin and paper work accurately and properly

 -  Working effectively with government departments.


1. Qualification:         

  Must have a Bachelor’s degree either in HR, Business Administration, English, Economics, Law and relevant.

2. Experience:            

 -  At least 2 years of human resources experience with emphasis on compensation and benefits operations

 -  At least 2 years of experience in payroll work.

 -  Good command of English

 -  In addition to the above requirement, preferably in other areas in HR management or HR Service industry

3. Abilities/Skills: 

 -  Knowledge of payroll work

 -  Attention to details

 -  Ability to maintain a high level of discretion and confidentiality

 -  Time management and organization skills

 -  Communication skills

 -  Proven good customer service skills

 -  Proficient in MS Office

How to apply

Kindly send your professional resume/cv to our mail box:
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Hồ Chí Minh
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