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Managers identify 10x generation of employees: Begin in uncertainty, prepare to venture in exchange for freedom at workplace

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Nhà quản trị nhận diện thế hệ nhân sự 10X: Khởi đầu trong thời cuộc bấp bênh, sẵn sàng dấn thân để đổi lấy sự tự do chốn công sở


10x Generation (people who are born in 2000-2009) can be described as free, flexible, and willing to venture into unknown areas, work unstable jobs such as freelancer just to achieve freedom and get away from the rules. While having an experienced look, 10x Gen still bear features of their ages: diffidence and sensitivity when come to failures. Covid-19 further amplify the anxious size of the 10x Gen and Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh (CEO of Talentnet) has a few recommendations for businesses to help these new employees generation:

  1. A free workplace with discipline: A delicate way to put the discipline on to 10x by themselves.
  2. On the job training: facilitate learning opportunities in work to stimulate enthusiasm.
  3. Acknowledge and reward 10x Gen effort: Show 10x Gen how "Go fast, go alone. Go far, go together"

These new generations of workers, if managers can provoke their sense of contribution, can freshen the businesses in the right ways.


Source: Cafebiz