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Level Up Your HR Career With Mercer Certification

Talentnet-Mercer Training workshops will provide HR practitioners with the most updated knowledge and the world-class HR practices that have been successfully applied at many corporations worldwide. In addition, the workshops are also conducted by the in-depth experienced facilitators with very bespoke insights thanks to years of consulting more than hundreds of organizations in Vietnam.

Talentnet - Mercer Training workshop

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    Contact Information:

    • Ms. Luu Tu Dinh
    • Mobile phone: +84 767 434 651
    • Email:


    There are two types of certifications that are delivered through our training workshops:


    1.    Professional Level Certification

    Building Fundamentals of Compensation 

    • Total Rewards Framework and Pay philosophy
    • Key principles for organizing and structuring compensation elements
    • Overview of 3P Compensation concept - Pay for Position, Person & Performance
    • Understanding of basic compensation terminologies and how to use survey data
    • Compensation Analysis and Review
    • Focus on Pay for Position – Overview on Job evaluation, Grade design, and Pay Structure Design Implementation guidelines.

    Position Evaluation using Mercer IPE methodology

    • Understand the differences between a role and a job
    • Learn the steps to role analysis
    • Fundamentals of job evaluation & principles of conducting evaluation interviews
    • Science of structure & Mercer’s point of view on future of job evaluation
    • Application of organization sizing & impact on job evaluation outcomes
    • Detailed understanding of Mercer IPE methodology
    • Practice exercise of conducting evaluation across all 5 factors & 13 dimensions of IPE
    • Overview of applications of job evaluation across HR & organizational processes.

    Designing Grades and Salary Structure

    • Understand the objectives and rationale for conducting analysis and updates of compensation plans. And learn insights into the tools and data requirements. 
    • Understand Mercer’s approach and process for measuring external competitiveness, internal equity and the relationships between performance and compensation.
    • Hands-on practical skills needed to perform actual salary structure design by looking at the market data, internal progression requirements as well as grades.

    Microsoft Excel for Compensation Management

    • In the era of big data, MS Excel is one of the key tools for different types of analysis. Mercer’s Excel workshop was specifically designed with HR professionals in mind. In this workshop, you will develop skills on how to manage HR data efficiently and perform various calculations with ease and confidence. 
    • Compile and analyze Compensation and Benefits data from multiple sources 
    • Determine salary mid-point by data regression, minimum and maximum of salary ranges, and pay adjustment 
    • Algorithm, logical and text operations, sorting and filtering, charts and lookup functions in MS Excel.

    2.    Advanced Professional Level Certification

    Workforce Metrics & Analytics

    • Understand how to focus your metrics and analytics efforts to get real impact
    • Use analytics to gain actionable insights to make data-driven, fact-based workforce decisions
    • Tell an effective story with data that can engage your audience
    • Learn different types of workforce metrics from best practices of advanced organizations

    Working with Real World HR data

    • Learn about various tools and software that can help you facilitate data analysis
    • Experience working with real-life data and learn how to transform data into usable format before conducting any analysis
    • Understand the different forms of textual data in Human Resources and the basics of sentiment analysis. 

    Pay for Performance: Short-term Incentives & Variable Pay Design

    • The purpose and context of variable pay and pay-mix 
    • Applying basic short-term incentive design principles to your organization, and calibration of results to rewards 
    • What are key performance considerations 
    • Reviewing the returns on the incentive spend.

    Pay for Performance: Sales Incentives Design

    • Analysis of sales role and how to determine if they should participate in the sales incentive plan 
    • Setting of target pay levels, determining of mix between fixed and variable pay, and establishing upside earning opportunities 
    • Selection of right performance measures. 


    HR Business Partner (HRBP)

    • Get an overview of HR Business Partner role within the business
    • The SCIENCE of HRBP
    • The ART of HRBP
    • Discover how to operate as a successful HR Business Partner
    • Identify the knowledge and skills required as a strategic HR Business Partner.

    Develop Functional Matrix (FM) & Job Description (JD)

    • Methodologies and techniques for developing Functional matrix for departments and Job descriptions for positions
    • Hand-on practical skills on how to define department’s areas of responsibilities and allocate key responsibilities to positions differently as well as on how to update job descriptions based on the department’s new functional matrix.

    Competency-Based Interview (CBI)

    • What are competencies and competency frameworks
    • Application of CBI in organizations and when to use it
    • Structure and techniques of a competency-based interview 
    • CBI questioning skills and evaluation process after interview.

    Training Need Analysis (TNA)

    • Conduct Development needs analysis (DNA) to identify the right and sufficient development needs of employees and the organization
    • Identify gaps and determine suitable and effective development solutions
    • Develop short-term and medium-term development plans.

    IV.    How do you get certified?

    • Talentnet Certificate of Completion will be given to all participants who complete any training workshop provided by Talentnet-Mercer.
    • Mercer Certificate of Completion (worldwide certified) will be granted to participants who successfully accomplish all four workshops at either the Professional or Advanced Professional level.

    V.    Explore more Training Schedule 2022 as follow or you can Register now at ESHOP
    This calendar is correct at the time of publishing and is constantly updated.


    • (*) Professional level certification
    • (**) Advanced Professional level certification 


    • Building Fundamentals of Compensation (*)
    • Develop Functional Matrix & Job Description



    • Designing Grades and Salary Structure (*)
    • Workforce Metrics & Analytics (**)


    • Pay for Performance: Short-term Incentives & Variable Pay design (**)
    • Pay For Performance: Sales Incentives design (**)






    • Pay for Performance: Short-term Incentives & Variable Pay design (**)
    • Pay For Performance: Sales Incentives design (**)