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About HR Outsourcing Services

HR Outsourcing is one of Talentnet's primary services with large database of over 60,000 candidates from varied business segments. Our service has been used by more than 150 multi-national & local companies across industries.

Approach & Commitment
         Excellence Execution: Every single specialist execute right first time:
           • 100% Punctuality
           • 100% Accuracy
           • 100% compliancy
         Best Customer Service: consistent quality, capable and stable Service Delivery Team commit:
           • Qualified candidates provided within 5 working days
           • 100% clients and contractors’ queries responded within 24 hours
           • Hotline ready to serve Contractor : 19007131

         We have integrated a global standard of Working Processes, namely utilize different methods of search and selection for diverse job categories. 
         We also apply leading technology solutions in operations (E-Recruitment, E-Training, DMS Mobile applications, HR integrated system/software).

         A management team averaging 10 years of experience, deep market insight in field force, sales force, administration outsourcing services
         A delivery team averaging 7-8 years’ of experience in customer service
         An in-house IT team to support with system interfaces, configurations and customized reports.

Our Services

To help our learners achieve outstanding advantages in business performance, we provide:

      Employment Service
      Full HR Outsourcing Service 
      Pre-employment Check Service
      RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing 
      Staffing Service

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Talentnet, especially the recruitment consultant team always make me trust and pleased with their efficiency and high quality service.

Ms. Truong Hong Thuy
HR Business Partner & Talent Acquisition Manager, Standard Chartered Bank,

High level of professionalism, market understanding, dedication to what you do, and a great deal of customer orientation that do not always exist in many other places

Ms. Alexis Pham
HR Head, British American Tobacco,

Both the functional & technical consultants were knowledgeable, engaging, willing, & flexible. Talentnet team was able to work through the difficulties & meet our requirements.

Mr. Ian Hastings
IT Director, Johnson & Johnson,

Complete willingness to engage with us from the very beginning & throughout the entire project; thoroughly professional and competent team members – technical, functional & project management; and ability to add value across the entire business process chain.

Mr. Ian Hastings
IT Director, Johnson & Johnson,

Solve immediate customer problems, provide great client service, ensure customer service agreements.

Mr. Huynh Nhan Hieu
HR Manager-Talent Acquisition, GSK,