Benefits Of Using Headhunting Service

Benefits Of Using Headhunting Service

September 22, 2015

As a promising market, Vietnam has attracted more and more investment of large international corporations which leads to the demand for talented senior staff is getting higher.

Benefits Of Using Headhunting Service

As a promising market, Vietnam has attracted more and more investment of large international corporations which leads to the demand for talented senior staff is getting higher. However, company owners meet difficulties finding key positions due to the lack of recruitment experiences. As a result, headhunting service becomes a trendy option of many companies. But, do employers and job seekers really need this service? 

About headhunting service

Headhunting firms support their customers to look for managers and specialist in different fields. Head hunting can be compared to a “wash sand for gold” process: only excellent and best-fit candidates are chosen. That process is not easy at all although headhunting firms restore a wide range of candidates’ data. No matter how hard to find the right person, the result is worth the effort as people are the most essential resource of any organization.

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Benefits of using headhunting service

Employers’ benefits

Is it money-wasting when employers use head hunting service? The answer is “no” for many reasons:

  • It’s important to hire the right key person. Senior staff can make or break company’s success so employer had better pay an expense in the beginning and recruit right person than save that money and employ a person who may ruin their business. Traditional way of recruitment is not effective when it’s based on short job description and limited advertising resources. Headhunting service providers are well equipped to not only identify exactly job requirements but also know how to find the right person in the pool of candidates.
  • Headhunting firms can approach candidates not currently in the job market. Nothing more to say if those employers need are in the job market and they are looking for new employment through traditional advertising, but if they don’t? If potential candidates are those who currently have happy and successful jobs and they don’t need those ads? Without headhunting service, how can employers reach them?
  • Headhunting firms help with offer and negotiation process. What is more difficult than finding the right key people is keeping them on their toes while every company needs talents. Headhunting service providers understand the compensation and benefits offered by competitors so they can give employers advice on how much they should pay. 

Job seekers’ benefits

There are also many reasons for job seekers not to avoid using headhunting service:

  • It’s free and more. First, headhunting firms are paid by the company who hires them and candidates do not pay for anything. Furthermore, headhunting service providers will do their best to train and prepare job applicants all respects of the interview and hiring process. Whether applicants get the job or not, they have precious lessons that they can apply in the future.
  • Headhunting firms can reach unpublished and hidden jobs. Many companies prefer to keep their vacant positions out of view to the general public. Therefore, job seekers cannot access to those jobs without head hunting firms’ assistance. 
  • Headhunting service providers help candidates get higher salary. Negotiating skills are important if job seekers want to get higher salary but if they’re not good at those skills? Because headhunting service providers’ paycheck is based on candidates’ salary, they know how much is best for applicants while it’s still appropriate to their customers.

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