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Payroll services

Assists clients in managing their HR functions, including: payroll system, payroll, administration.
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About Payroll services

Payroll outsourcing services are key services of Talentnet, supporting clients building a flexible and efficient operation systems by providing a total solution package for payroll using international standards from ADP Streamline, coupled with extensive local knowledge and fully automated system.

Why is Payroll Outsourcing Solution chosen by most companies nowadays?
Why choose to outsource Payroll?

Why Us?




  • 400+ Multi-national companies across industries in our client profile
  • 45,000+ pay-slips are processed monthly
  • 700+ expatriates supported


  • 100% accurate
  • 100% compliant
  • 100% on-time


  • International standards of security and confidentiality

         ◦ Successful performance against annual Penetration Test
         ◦ Back -up, disaster recovery and business continuity plans

  • Integration capability with various systems
  • Well-tested, latest updated, Integrated core payroll system with employee self-service portal
  • Diversified reports (including customized management reports)
  • Bespoke payroll and system solutions for every clients’ needs
  • In-depth understanding of market practices and latest legal regulations
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Talentnet is proud to be a strategic payroll partner of ADP Streamline in Vietnam since 2010. ADP Streamline provides world-class payroll, HR outsourcing, benefits and compliance services, which are always designed for people.

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Our Services

Clients can choose to implement a full package of payroll services or some of the following services:

Scope of Payroll


With in-depth understanding of local market and Vietnamese labour laws and regulations, Talentnet confidently deliver high-quality expatriate services for foreign labour, helping clients rest assure and easily deploy human capital management strategy...

Expatriate full package


End-to-End Payroll & System Solutions enables integration of client’s various system, which automatically combine and cross- check data of Time & Attendance, Absence, Overtime and all other payroll related data.

End-to-End Payroll & System Solutions address the paint point of big size manufacturers whose HR team spend most of the time for Time Attendance records and reconciliation before processing the payroll. The solution also provides different channel such as Call center, email, or website to answer end users (employees) queries related to payroll and HR compliance benefits.

Why End-to-End solutions:

  • Web-based platform: convenient to access anywhere, anytime.
  • Integrated system: one-stop shop for all your labor and payroll-related functions.
  • High level of security: Penetration-Test, back-up and restore data.
  • Automated data transfer and processing allows increasing accuracy, confidentiality, and efficiency
  • Reasonable investment cost - pay per use.
  • Enhance employee experience.

1. HR consultancy related to M&A, Restructuring, Downsizing
2. Labour Code briefing to clients’ HR/Leadership team
3. Internal Labour Rule creation/reviewing/registration
4. Labour contract review/create and consulting
5. HR Compliance assessment
6. Electronic filling: employee life cycle’s P-file storage

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    Talentnet, especially the recruitment consultant team always make me trust and pleased with their efficiency and high quality service.

    Ms. Truong Hong Thuy
    HR Business Partner & Talent Acquisition Manager, Standard Chartered Bank,

    High level of professionalism, market understanding, dedication to what you do, and a great deal of customer orientation that do not always exist in many other places

    Ms. Alexis Pham
    HR Head, British American Tobacco,

    Both the functional & technical consultants were knowledgeable, engaging, willing, & flexible. Talentnet team was able to work through the difficulties & meet our requirements.

    Mr. Ian Hastings
    IT Director, Johnson & Johnson,

    Complete willingness to engage with us from the very beginning & throughout the entire project; thoroughly professional and competent team members – technical, functional & project management; and ability to add value across the entire business process chain.

    Mr. Ian Hastings
    IT Director, Johnson & Johnson,

    Solve immediate customer problems, provide great client service, ensure customer service agreements.

    Mr. Huynh Nhan Hieu
    HR Manager-Talent Acquisition, GSK,