HR Needs To Get Ready For “Leaping Over The Dragon Gate” To “Turn Dragon”

HR Needs To Get Ready For “Leaping Over The Dragon Gate” To “Turn Dragon”

February 5, 2024

No longer surrounded in the field of human resource management, HR is ready to “leap over the Dragon Gate" to "turn dragon”, supporting all business development strategies.

Get ready for the “exams” 

Having just reached the beginning of 2024, the human resource management industry has soon embraced new challenges. The story of layoffs to respond to market fluctuations was the first problem for HR. 

Meanwhile, many businesses are facing a scarcity of talent. Report shows that, although the information technology industry in Vietnam requires about 150,000 engineers per year, the market only meets 40 to 50%. 

When it comes to assuring labor quality while maximizing resources, it is critical to invest in employee training and skill development. According to the Future of Jobs Report 2023 by the World Economic Forum, 44% of workers’ current skills will change in the next 5 years. 

Right at the beginning of new year, HR has soon faced many challenges
Right at the beginning of new year, HR has soon faced many challenges

In the context that the “Dragon Gate” was built right from the beginning of new year, Ms. Tiêu Yến Trinh – CEO of Talentnet Corporation – shared: “This is a challenge and also an opportunity for HR to show the role of a ‘strategist’, accompanying businesses in optimizing internal resources. If HR is currently the ‘carp’ cultivated from market changes, then this period is the high time to make impressive ‘jumps’ to become ‘dragon’.” 

From “carp” to “dragon” 

Similar to the difficulty the carp faces to “leap over the Dragon Gate”, HR also needs courage, skill and speed to meet changes in trends and business needs. According to Ms. Trinh, to prepare for the “jump” to cross the “Dragon Gate”, HR needs to be fully equipped. Cultivating courage and equipping necessary skills are indispensable. 

Ms. Trinh also emphasized that skills of applying technology in management or data analysis to accurately monitor and evaluate employee performance in the current period are no longer “should” but “required”. 

HR can reduce workload by using external resource support
HR can reduce workload by using external resource support 

HR needs to know how to take advantage of surrounding resources to accelerate development. That resource can be technology or payroll services, HR outsourcing services. By using external support, HR can reduce workload and optimize operation processes. Hence, HR can focus on other significant work, such as solving resource allocation problems, employee training, or participating in the organization’s strategic activities. 

“Every carp has a desire to ‘leap the Dragon Gate’ to turn into a dragon. But only the one that fosters internal strength and utilizes external forces can succeed. Like HR who want to succeed, the more they prepare, the closer the road to success is.”, Ms. Tiêu Yến Trinh concluded. 

Source: ZNews

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